GameEnthus Podcast ep418: Panda Cameo or 1 Shoe-2 Skates

GameEnthus Podcast ep418: Panda Cameo or 1 Shoe-2 Skates


This week Amanda (@panda8ngel) from Panda8ngel and BoardinEastla joins Mike (@assaultsuit) Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: BoardinEastLA, Pandas, Muriel Tramis, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros. Movie, Ozark, Roller Skating, The Amazing Spider-man 2, Jamie Foxx, Electro, X-men The Last Stand,X-men Apocalypse, Bossfight Books: Resident Evil, Console Wars, Bedroom to Billions: The Playstation Revolutions, The Lost Arcade, Not for Resale, The Icon, U-force, Cat Rescue, Cleocatra, Dice Forge, Tzolk’in, Fort, Mystic Vale, Dominion, Jaws, Tharsis, Taverns of Tiefenthal, Scattegories, Mini Steel, Hoop Godz, The Abandons, Camp Pinetop, Pizza, Space Dinos, Sprawlopolis, Hotshots Racing, Golf With Your Friends, Overcooked 2, Bake ‘n’ Switch, Tools Up, Neon Abyss, Mafia, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Super Mario Galaxy, Never Stop Sneaking, Shadow of War, Street Fighter V, Super Mario 35, James Bond NightFire, Timesplitters, Luna, Bethesda, Microsoft, Kingdoms of Amalur and more.



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Gary Leavor’s Memorial Extra Life Page

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Bedroom to Billions (UK Micro Computers)

Bedroom to Billions: The PlayStation Revolution

Console Wars

Mother to Earth

The Lost Arcade 

The Icon: Muriel Tramis – The first Black Female Game Designer

Wrestling with Games: GoldenEye

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Intro/Amanda’s anecdotes – 1m 16s
Mike’s anecdotes – 20m 52s
Aaron’s anecdotes – 37m
Tiny’s anecdotes – 57m 53s
Games Amanda Played – 1h 15m
Games Aaron Played – 1h 59m
Games Mike Played – 2h 11m
Games Tiny Played – 2h 42m
Outro – 2h 50m

LL Cool J and others – 4,3,2,1 instrumental
Common – Thisisme instrumental
Ghosfface & Missy – Tush instrumental
Nas – Nas is Like instrumental
Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think instrumental
Pharoah Monch – The Light instrumental
LL Cool J & Total – Loungin’ Remix instrumental
Outkast – Prototype instrumental




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