GameEnthus Podcast ep411: What’s in a Name? or Organized!

GameEnthus Podcast ep411: What’s in a Name? or Organized!


This week Javier (@GotEPikle) and Angel (@GoTEAngel) from Gamers On The Edge (@GamersOnTheEdge) join Mike (@AssaultSuit) and Tiny(@Tiny415) to talk about: Watchmen, 360 2FA, Stargirl, Nintendont, ToeJam and Earl, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex, Animal Crossing, Forza Motorsports, Madden 2020, Super Mario 64, Streets of Rage 4, Stickfight, Dinohunt, Game Pass, Zoo Tycoon, Dishonored 2, Shadows of War, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Alpha Protocol, ChopLifter HD, Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door and more.



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Intros & Anecdotes – 37s
Games We Played – 56m 31s
News & Stuff – 1h 42m
Outro – 1h 51m



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