GameEnthus Podcast ep408: A, B, CCs of Karting or Stay Tuned

GameEnthus Podcast ep408: A, B, CCs of Karting or Stay Tuned


This week Pablo Jomer from (@WorldshapersBG) creators of Curators joins Mike (@AssaultSuit), Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: Curators, Zoomaka, Worldshapers, Super Mario Bros. Movie, Idiocracy, hedge-trimmer, Cheat Engine, Starbound, Resident Evil, Space Jam, Trolls World Tour, Boss Fight Books, Azul, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Everdell, Ski Tour Biathlon, Dead of Winter, Terraforming Mars, Isle of Cats, Mario Kart Deluxe 8, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye Rogue Agent, Oxenfree, GamePass challenges, Gears 5, Crazier Eights, Red7, DOS, Zoned Out, Resident Evil 5, Gears Tactics, Streets of Rage 4, Streets of Rage 2, Ion Fury, Wavey the Rocket, Nex Machina, One Night Werewolf, Werewolf, Tabletop Simulator, The Resistance, Coup, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Deliver Us The Moon and more.



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Pablo’s anecdotes/intro – 54s
Mike’s anecdotes – 18m 15s
Aaron & Tiny’s anecdotes – 26m 5s
Games Pablo Played – 34m 58s
Games Mike Played – 1h 1m
Games Aaron Played – 1h 8m
Games Tiny Played – 1h 32m
Outro – 1h 40m


Madvillainy – Strange Ways instrumental
Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half-steppin instrumental
Common – In My Own World instrumental
Punch-Out! Wii Theme
Aaliyah – Rock the Boat instrumental
Goodie MOB – The Day After instrumental
A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again instrumental
Billy Lawrence – Come On instrumental




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