GameEnthus Podcast ep377: Subpar Meetings or Used Pizza



GameEnthus Podcast ep377: Subpar Meetings or Used Pizza


This week Chris Becker (@SuperNintendad) from RoguesPortal and @GetIndiesPants joins Mike (@AssaultSuit)Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: Micro Machines, @GetindiesPants, Bumble,
Game of Thrones, Samsung Fold, Mario Kart Tour beta, Chris Rock, Saw, The Main Event, Chuck E. Cheese, BatWoman, Detective Pikachu, State of Play, Hulk, Batteries Not Included, Monster Hunter Tri, Superman 64, Quest 64, Pac-Land, Virtual Boy, Water World, Mario Kart: Double Dash, NoClip, Telltale Games, Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, Rage 2, Castlevania Collection, Miitopia, Halo, Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate, Vampyr, Vampire, Feathers, Super Blood Hockey, Plague of Innocence, Puyo Puyo Champions, Shakedown: Hawaii, Technosphere Reload, Duck Game, Blazing Beaks, Giga Breaker Alt, Shards of Infinity, Mysterium, Taboo, Fluxx, Uno Flip, Tembo the Badass Elephant, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Pokemon Platinum, Saints Row III, The Simpsons Hit n Run, The Simpsons Road Rage, Ding Dong XL, Mortal Kombat, John Wick Hex, Super Mario Maker 2, Team Sonic Racing and more.




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Show Music

De La Soul – Set The Mood instrumental
Da Brat – Give it to You instrumental
Missy – All In My Grill instrumental
The Luniz – Got 5 On It instrumental
A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again instrumental
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Start/Chris’ Annecdotes – 1m 04sec
Mike’s Annecdotes – 19m 36sec
Aaron’s Annecdotes – 31m 17sec
Tiny’s Annecdotes – 45min 37sec
Feedback – 1h 01min
Chris and Mike’s played games 1h 33min
Aaron and Tiny’s played games 1h 49min
Things of Interest 2h 14min
Outro 2h 24min


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