GameEnthus Podcast ep373: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

GameEnthus Podcast ep373: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This week Ben (@BCTerps) joins Tiny (@Tiny415) and  Mike (@AssaultSuit) to talk about: Doom, Xbox One SADE, Cowboy Bebop, Castlevania Collection, XIII, Mini Switch, Switch Pro, Gamestop, PS4, Sega Genesis Mini, video games, Midwest Gaming Classic and more.



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The Gory Story of Doom 3DO –

 Xbox One SADE –

Cowboy Bebop –

Castlevania Collection – Games and Release Date

XIII is getting remade – will David Duchovny be in it and sound as bored?

Mini-switch Confirmed – new more powerful one coming next year

Gamestop 2 day return on new games – starting with Days Gone

PS5 Details (SSD, Ray Tracing, 3d Audio, Ryzen based CPU)

Genesis Mini get 10 more games announced – Japan and International versions

GameEnthus Pax East 2019 coverage

Team GameEnthus on Extra Life

New videos  

Community Info  

Major Linux and Crew’s Notcho Podcast

Kiaun’s Show The Analog Circle Podcast

Gary and Dan’s Show TheGamesMenRPG

Open Forum Radio


Show Music    

Pac-man Fever – Buckner and Garcia –

 City of Heroes Trailer –

Doom 3Do – Gates of Hell – Composer: Bobby Prince – Arranger Bryan Celand and Randy Scott –

Castlevania 3 – In the beginning there was jazz

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