GameEnthus Podcast ep235: Understood or Untamed Callbacks

 GameEnthus Podcast ep235: Understood or Untamed Callbacks

This week Aaron (@Ind1fference) and Tiny (@Tiny415) are joined by Pam (@Jasyla_) from Cannot Be Tamed and Slider (@Sliderwave) to talk about: Amazon PrimeDay,, ConBravo, The Gaming Historian, Jurassic World, Mad Max Fury Road, Jurassic Park, The Road Warrior, Master Chef Australia, The Real World UK, Gordon Ramsey, Wild Woody, Owl and Mouse Mysteries, San Diego Comic Con, Weird Science, Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Flash, The Death of Superman Lives the Movie, Ketchup Potato Chips, Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice trailer, Deadpool trailer, Fantastic Four trailer, Man-Thing, Swamp Thing, Suicide Squad trailer, Attack on Titan trailer, Sense8, Metal Gear Scanlon, Retron 5, Chappie, Rare Replay, District 9, Elysium, Short Circuit, Game Critics, Ant Man, Terminator Genisys, Satoru Iwata, Kick and Fennick, The Fall, The Witcher 3, Hand of Fate, Parasite Eve, Heroes of the Storm, Ori and the Blind Forest, The Lost Vikings, Batman Arkham Knight, Lego Jurassic World, Jurassic World app, Evolve, Dirty Bomb, Captain Forever Remix, Splatoon, Rocket League, Chomakaimura, Destiny, Titanfall, Poncho, Tembo The Badass Elephant, No Time To Explain, Chomakaimura, SlashDash, QuipLash, Squid Hero, Game Freaks, Prototype Bundle, New Horizons Space Probe, Pluto, 1MoreCastle and more.



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Show Music

Intro  1 – Main Source – Fakin’ the Funk instrumental

Break 2 – Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long instrumental

Break 3 – Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

Break 4 – Leaders of The New School – Case of the P.T.A. instrumental

Break 5 – Xscape – Understanding

Break 6 – Mega Man 4 – Title Music 2

Break 7 – Balloon Fight – Parachuters Theme

Break 8 – Balloon Fight – Bonus Theme

Break 9 – The Gap Band – Outstanding instrumental

Break 10 – Baltimora – Tarzan Boy

Break 11 – Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow instrumental

Outro – Keith Murray – Candy Bar instrumental

Showcap – Balloon Fight – Stage End



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