GameEnthus Podcast ep233: Smashing Intent or Canned Bakes

 GameEnthus Podcast ep233: Smashing Intent or Canned Bakes

This week Aaron (@Ind1fference), Tiny (@Tiny415), Mike (@AssaultSuit) are joined by Gnitro (@Gnitro) from to talk about: The Godfather, Too Many Games, Wegmans, Blue laws, The Order 1886, Shovel Knight, RetroCity Rampage, Magnavox Odyssey, Jordan vs Bird, Max and Erma’s, Splatoon, tattoos, Gears of War, Atari 7800, TMNT The Manhattan Project, Alex Kidd, Dig Dug Digging Strikes, Starfy, Quartet, Iggy’s Recking Balls, Golgo 13, Smite, canned bread, Creed, Rocky, Inside Out, Herman’s Head, WWE, leap second, Gang Beasts, Shenmue 3, Mighty No. 9, Crackdown, Joe Montana, LocoCyle, Twisted Pixel, craft beer, Desura, ICH.IO, KickAss 2, Joe Bob Briggs Drive-in Theater, The Wicker Man, Ubisoft, OnLive, 99 Gamers, Xbox Elite Controller, Resident Evil Revelation 2, The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing, ARK, Wildstar, Choplifter, California Games 2600, Batman Arkham Knight, Shantae Risky’s Revenge, Roving Rogues, Divide by Sheep, So Many Me, Gears of War 3, Amy Henning, Uncharted 4, Pokemon Shuffle iOS, Halo 5, MiiVerse, Fallout Shelter, Batman Arkham Origins: BlackGate, Middle Earth, Gone Girl, Super Smash Con and more. 



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Show Music

Intro  1 – EPMD – SoWhatchasayin instrumental

Break 2 – Nelly – Grillz instrumental

Break 3 – Jet Force Gemini Theme

Break 4 – Cuphead trailer theme

Break 5 – Biggie  – Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems instrumental

Break 6 – Outkast – Wailin’ instrumental

Outro – Def Squad – Ya’ll Niggas Ain’t Ready instrumental

Showcap – The Chemical Brothers ft/ Q-tip – Go



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