GameEnthus Podcast ep156: Bacon Temptation or Oof in Doofus

Lance(@MPC_Hero) removes all his retro consoles and even an MPC from his collection, we are deeply concerned. Justin(@DarkContext) is getting ready to be a father and is well on his way to being a PC gamer.  Mike (@AssaultSuit) gives us a baseball history lesson on steroids. David(@Tiny415) apparently likes dogs and Aaron (@Ind1fference) is elated that The Legend of Korra is back.

Topics: GTA V, Oblivion, Volgarr The Viking, Valdis Story Abyssal City, The Legend of Korra, Foul Play, Carnivore HD, Elysium, Ken Griffey Jr., Steam cards, Hiroshi Yamauchi(RIP), Puppeteer, Strider, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, Picross e, Ascend Hand of Kul, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, ShadowRun Returns, Retron 5, Wii Fit U, Wii Sports HD, Steam Family Sharing, Vita TV, Saints Row IV, Legend of Dungeon, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One,  and more.
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*Extra Life Marathon on 10/19 – Please Donate*


Tropes Vs Women in video games rebuttal

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons article w/ spoilers

GameEnthus’ Unfinished Business(death to the backlog!)

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