GameEnthus Podcast ep148: Fight to the Faint? or Taped Off!

Gary(@Amras89) from The GamesmenRPG is being corrupted by Monster Hunter and is working on a game that defines meta. Rashanii(@Rashanii) from SingleSimulcast/Dr3amTam/SinandSolace is at camp and has recently discovered why Sleeping Dogs is so much fun. Mike(@AssaultSuit) showcases his soldering skills to resurrect a broken CRT and Aaron(@Ind1fference) actively defends the stupidity and awesomeness of The Expendable 2. Meanwhile somewhere in Delaware David (@Tiny415) is catching up on some sleep. We also discuss: Video Games Live, Pacific Rim, Club Nintendo, Boiler Room, The Last of Us(spoilers 1:04-1:07), Pokemon, Steam Sale, Gunpoint, rock climbing, Four Square, Geist, Alien Jelly, Guild Wars 2, Runner 2, Bit.Trip Fate, R.I.P.D The game, Pacific Rim The Videogame, Bond games and more.


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Show Music

Intro – The Pharcyde – Runnin’ instrumental

Break 1 – Biggie – I got a story to tell instrumental

Break 2 – Grant Kirkhope -  Facility Level/Goldeneye

Break 3 – Luniz – I got 5 on it instrumental

Break 4 – Keiichi Suzuki/Hirokazu Tanaka/Hiroshi Kanazu – Onett Theme/Earthbound

Break 5 – A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour instrumental

Outro/Showcap – Blackstar – K.O.S(Knowledge of Self) instrumental



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