GameEnthus Podcast ep128: Giant Friendly Lobster or Drink Training

Believe it or not the entire GameEnthus crew is on board this week. We are joined by longtime listener and friend of the show Michal J. Michal tells tales of his battles with the snow and his would-be George Constanza style work desk. Mike(@AssaultSuit), in his epic quest for laughter, introduced himself to Lucky Louie, rewatches Old School and plans on playing Sleeping Dogs from inside a car. BigRob has issues with Double Fine and still desires an Ingress invite. Tiny is planning how he will take over Europe and still get to Pax East. Lastly, Aaron(@Ind1fference) is still defending  his time spent with Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified.  We also talk about: Sony 2/20 predictions, LoZ Hyrule Historia, Ingress, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Kingdom Under Fire, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Talespin, Port, Royale, Double Fine, Battletoads, Closure, Valve, Double Dragon, Way Forward, Paperboy, Sleeping Dogs,Dead Space 3, DmC,  Binary Domain, Bloodlust Shadow Hunter, Ecolibrium, Beat Trellis snow and more.


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Bloodlust Vampire Shadow Hunter from WRF Studios


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Intro – Artifacts – Whayback instrumental

Break 1 – Tracey Lee ft. Biggie – Keep Your Hands High instrumental

Break 2 – In Living Color’s Great Moments in Black History skit

Break 3 – Kool G. Rap – It’s a Shame instrumental

Outro – Q-tip – Gettin’ Up instrumental

Showcap – Paramore – That’s What You Get




  1. Not only six new releases per year, but one of those can be the super deluxe, ultra, premium edition of the game. My only possibly regret was my 2010 day-one Alan Wake Collector’s Edition. Read the book before playing the game in hopes of enriching my experience. Game was good, but not sure the collector’s edition was worth the money. Thanks for the mention and getting my last name right. Some people actually pronounce it “Mean”.

  2. I remember having a GeoCities website back in the nineties. Nice old school web reference. I wonder if all those crappy websites reside on some backup files in an underground bunker.

  3. oh man… i never had a geocities account, but i know that i totally want all my pre 2005ish web data scrubbed completely from the internet. I imagine that stuff is floating around on some sort of digital barge in some forgotten corner of the internet sea only to be retrieved for the sole purpose of blackmail.

  4. I’m relieved to know they are in safe hands and that you are clearly planning for the zombie apocalypse. 

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