GameEnthus Podcast ep124: Stay Classy San Dieg…World or Slipped Crumbs

The GameEnthus crew is joined by Scott(@OriginalPSP) from Who, like many of us, has some well-deserved reservations about bloody torsos. @BigRob029 and Mike(@AssaultSuit) have both been watching The League and Aaron(@ind1fference) shares his thoughts on Looper and spin-off cereals. We also talk about: Magicka, Castle Crashers, BLOPS 2, Jack Thompson, Cinnamon Jacks, Montezuma’s Revenge, Knytt Underground, 21 Jump Street, breakfast cereal mascots, Xbox 720, Playstation 4, Bleed(from Lanthraxx), Samurai Beatdown, Mark of the Ninja, Retro City Rampage, Homefront, ChronoVault, Dead Space 3 demo, Dust An Elysian Tale, Tomb Raider, Quantum Conundrum and more.


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Intro – Ohio Players – Rollercoaster of Love

Break 1 – A Tribe Called Quest – Luck of Lucien instrumental

Break 2 – Duck Tales – African Mines stage

Break 3 – Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams

Outro – Goodie Mob – Blood instrumental

ShowCap – Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday





  1. I constantly agree with Ind1fference. Video games are influential. I’d say even more so than books, tv, and comics. If you want to teach someone how to fly an airplane you don’t give them a manual, or a comic book, watching a tape is helpful but you don’t learn until you get in that simulator.

    That said personal responsible is a thing. Children shouldn’t be exposed to this stuff. THOSE kids are affected but that’s not the fault of the game. It’s the fault of their oversight (parents) for exposing them to it. Kids are resilient  you can raise a kid with wolves and he can turn out an ok dude 9 times out of 10. But any parent who lets an 8 year old play Call of Duty online is an irresponsible parent like someone buying their 14 year old son a hooker.

    The real defense of video games imo is the lack of realism. That and the fact that unlike movies, books, and music games are very strictly regimented. There isn’t a store anywhere that will sell COD to a child. They’ve proven time and time and time again that they’re better at sticking to their ratings than say movie theatres.

    LOL at 14 minutes when the voices went quiet but the straw drinking got loud.

  2.  I can’t wait to read this next week. Your comments are always spot on and you agreeing with me is just the icing on the cake.

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