GameEnthus Podcast ep121: Full on Hater mode or 8-bitness

 First time guest @eod89d(Greg) joins the discussion this week and he’s been reading about zombies. We welcome @MPC_Hero(Lance) back to the show and are quite surprised by his love of Rhapsody and apathy towards The Walking Dead. @AssaultSuit (Mike) is rather upset about the Ravens and @BigRob029 continues to use his PC to actually play games. @Tiny415 is back this week and he’s super excited about the Man of Steel Trailer. Lastly @Ind1fference(Aaron) manages to play the new Uncharted card game for 15.7 seconds. We also discuss things like: Feed, Ni No Kuni, Justice League, Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3, PlayOn, WizOrb, MAGfest, Omaha Zoo, Pacific Rim, Company of Heroes, Hero’s Quest, BLOPS2, Rayman Legends, Vampire Slayer FPS, Devil May Cry, Black Knight Sword, Karaoke, Skyline, Nintendo Power and more.


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Intro – A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario remix instrumental

Break 1 – Santigold – This Isn’t Our Parade

Break 2 – Missy – Gossip Folks instrumental

Break 3 – Portishead – Only You

Break 4 – The Roots – Adrenaline instrumental

Break 5/Outro – Punch-Out(2009) Theme

ShowCap -  Nat King Cole – O Holy Night

One comment

  1. I’m with Aaron. I don’t think Justice League will happen. But I’m with Tiny in that I want it to happen. I want it very very very much.

    I have no idea who Zod it but i hate the idea of him. Other Kryptonians 🙄

    I heard they’re doing the Justice League movie first and THEN develop the characters

    You needed to develop the Avengers because no one knows who they are. Everyone knows Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. Marvel may have MORE popular heroes but DC has MORE POPULAR heroes. 

    No i feel him on YouTube being terrible for music. I use Grooveshark. It’s like YouTube but all music. It’s great, it has playlists, queuing, a very large selection of music etc.

    I think minigames CAN be addicting. I never played the drug wars one and i can’t think of one off my head that was that engaging but I KNOW i’ve played mini games that are fun to the point where I’ve lost myself in that rather than the game. Heck No More Heros 2 is mostly minigames and some of them are bloody fun.

    Dragon Quest I got sucked into Gambling IV on DS if I recall correctly. I just wanted more money. 

    I refuse to believe a game with that creation station (Saint’s Row The Third) has a main game that doesn’t live up to the hype. Can’t wait till I have time to play that on the PC which will be after I finish Saint’s Row 2

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