GameEnthus Podcast ep11 What lies beneath Little Caesars

The laid back gaming trio is back for another week of gaming discussion and tomfoolery. This week Mike opens up his vault while Tiny nerds out leaving Ind1fference confused, but what else is new? Please download, listen and enjoy. Don’t forget to leave some reviews on itunes and post on the forums.



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  1. I was well on my way to beating Okami before my wii was stolen, i think i still have the disc though the thieves managed to make off with an empty case. (the lone reason to buy another wii) But anyway, the wii version was ok and he is a Wolf, some sort of anthromorph sun god, and his name is definitely too long to be remembered. In the game he seemed like a badass, so probably a good fit for an obscure capcom fighting character.
    Wasn’t he in Capcom vs Tetsunoko (or something like that?) as well?

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