GameEnthus Podcast ep60: Superfluous Nubs & Space Burgers or Senility = sales?

This week the GameEnthus crew is joined by TheRapGamer from This week our discussions include but are not limited to: Toy Soliders Cold War, Bastion, VVVVV, Chrono Trigger, The Room, Body Count demo, Fruit Ninja Kinect, Captain America, GT5, Rise of Nightmares, PS3 price drop, Wii Jr., PSP sans wifi, Edge and more. If you like the show please leave us an itunes review. We also would appreciate comments on the forums, the site, Podomatic, Stitcher, via email( or voicemail(202-573-7686).


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  1. The client? I’ve never heard anyone have beef with Steam over the client before. Yeah it’s an extra step but how else do you do PC games? just make them freely available for download DRM free like a humble indie bundle? You have to have something to prevent piracy and honestly Steam is the best I’ve seen. It lets you register a game and download it as many times as you like. I don’t have PvZ right now because I only have two activations left (of 3) and I don’t want to waste one on the weak machines I use. Steam has such insane sales like L4D and L4D2 for $5 bundle that it’s totally worth the price of admission (downloading the client).

    The only time I’ve ever been annoyed at Steam was when i first bought Orange Box at Gamestop while I was visiting my Dad and I couldn’t play it because in spite or my pre-installing steam on his computer it couldn’t get online. Now that was bloody annoying.. having a disc and being unable to play.

    More importantly do you really think anyone else in the PC game will do it differently? We may have services like Good Old Games where you can get OLD games off the straight download but new games? No one sells new big budget games on a download without the client.

  2. Oh and you sorta missed half the point on my comment and that’s my fault for trying to avoid being verbose. Doesn’t matter too much it was an interesting discussion as is, but to clarify:
    With the Wii minus GC it’s just odd. Does it affect me? No, that insane “tied to console” DRM means I’ll never upgrade to even a black console (i waited 3 years man.. 3 years before i caved) much less this new design, but it still doesn’t explain why bother. Sure the NGC is rarely used but it’s not like they need to find a way to wean people off they already have an exit strategy for it.. Wii U. This would be like the next PS3 doesn’t have a LAN port because so many people use WiFi. Sure it’s true and sure I already have a PS3 but it doesn’t make sense. That’d be like if they made a DSLite without the GBA slot because it’s almost never used. The unannounced price doesn’t have me thinking it’s going to be a bargain either.

    With the link my point was that people keep talking about the all digital future and opponents like myself keep saying we don’t want to give the companies that much power of my games.. deciding stuff like how many activations.. reducing my movies to SD quality etc etc. The link was an example of this. When I think of all those people who paid upwards of $50 for Dragon Age 2 on the PC and now it’s just gone. Their SoL because EA decided to buck Steam policies. It’s not as if EA Origins isn’t going to have a middleware program or anything. 

    P.S. I don’t think I’ve said it yet.. so yeah.. good show.

  3. I apologize for not responding more appropriately. I for one like and use the GCN portion of my Wii. Mario Kart Double Dash and Donkey Konga won’t play themselves. But I agree with you that it is stupid to remove it as it doesn’t cost that much and it’s not like the savings will be passed onto the consumer. Famiy Edition should be renamed the Greed Edition.
    As far as the DA2, I really missed the point. I didn’t realize that people who bought it were left out in the cold. EA didn’t do anything for them? If not, for shame. The digital future certainly has its ups and downs. But draconian moves like that don’t bode well.

  4. you have a great point in not giving the companies the power. its almost like Nintendo needs backwards compatibility… they are taking their sweet time getting digital right because they are so slow to move upwards with hardware/move too quickly with lateral “upgrades” and kill off features in the process. 
    im down with the digital future, but when you can resell Link 5 times vs have each version of Link fit in the next console… the big guys are going to try to get you to pay them as many as they can for the least amount of work they can put in. 
    the downside is that they will all take too long to figure this out at the expense of the consumers- and it hits us older guys that have nostalgia for the old stuff the worst. 
    the upside is that when we are bitter and dont care about all their digital crap peddling, the younger generation who has been brought up on shovelware and countless remakes will have no sense of nostalgia for anything either. they have no incentive to buy old and over done games…. so rehashes will never sell, new ideas and new ips will have to come from it. 

    its sad that the younger gen has no good classic games to think fondly of… maybe if they stopped yelling in my ears through xbox live i would care. 

  5. i bought torchlight and played it for 2 days… i didnt have steam at the time, not sure if it was available on steam…. but anyway, they gave me a code thats good for 10 instals. i think im on my 3rd one. i install it thinking im going to play it and i never do… 
    the steam model is great, but i was fine before steam with quake, rollercoaster tycoon 1,2&3, Q3 arena, starcraft1…. only product keys if any… i get that piracy is a different beast these days but having a disc has its advantages. 
    GOG has RCT1 for like $6… i may have to pick it up. i know i have the disc for that somewhere but i didnt have the expansions. 

    steam kinda acts like kinect, its always there lurking… valve has earned our trust, but they have known to be dickish. i dont mind it that much but i dont know what M$ is doing with footage of me falling asleep watching netflix movies… 
    *plugs ears, puts on tinfoil hat, runs around room* LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!

  6. Considering my aversion to PC gaming, I plead ignorance of basically all DRM schemes these days.

    As far as things like the stripped down Wii or PSP, I think gimping a console is always a bad idea.  Genesis went through a number of revisions and each one seemed to add a few more games that couldn’t be played.

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