GameEnthus ep239: Get Warty with it or Fist Full of Wiimote

GameEnthus ep239: Get Warty with it or Fist Full of Wiimote

This week Rashanii (@Rashanii) from Single Simulcast joins Mike (@AssaultSuit), Aaron (@Ind1fference) and Tiny (@Tiny415) to talk about: WWE Smackdown, NXT, New Day, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, The Italian Job, Ace of Base, Best Buy, Insignia, Mr. Robot, Suits, Blackish, Craig Robinson, The Carmichael Show, Minority Report, Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, The Green Hornet, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Guardians of The Galaxy, Angry Video Game Nerd Movie, Not Your Dad’s Root Beer, Black Panther, Gazpacho, Captain America 3: Civil War, Black Widow, Jurassic World, Evolve, Super Smash Con, Rivals of Aether, Sneaky Ninja, Combat Core, That Rock Paper Scissors Game, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Micah Betts, Tony Powell, gazpacho, Battletoads Cartoon Pilot, Jem trailer, RIP Sean Price, Boot Camp Click, Elite controller, Viva Pinata, The Muppets Most Wanted, Life is Strange, Kidd Video, Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, The Daily Show, John Oliver, Jessica Williams, Arkham Knight, Rare Replay, RC Pro AM 2, Kameo Elements of Power, The Long Siege, NBA 2K15, Halo Master Chief Collection, Toy Soldiers: War Chest, Commander Cherry, Don’t Die Mr Robot, Rare Replay, Geo Wars 3 Vita(time), Beyond Eyes, Gears of War, Shadow Complex, Slash Dash, Ultimate Ghouls and Ghosts, AirScape: The Fall of Gravity, King’s Quest, Sombrero, Defragmented, Paperbound, Monsters Ate My Metropolis, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Red Steel 2, Fallout Shelters, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Titanfall, Splatoon, Shadows of Mordor, Extra Life and more.



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Show Music

Intro  1 Heltah Skeltah -Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka instrumental

Break 2 Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe

Break 3 Jungle Brothers – 40 Below Trooper instrumental

Break 4 In Living Colour – Cult of Personality

Break 5 Battletoads Pause music

Break 6 Heltah Skeltah – Therapy instrumental

Break 7 Battletoads Cartoon Theme Song

Break 8 Heltah Skeltah – Let The Brainz Blow instrumental

Break 9 The Muppets Most Wanted – Give it to you

Outro/Showcap Yaggfu Front – Left Field instrumental




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