Have Game, Will Play: Strength of the Sword 3

This fantasy beat ’em up was developed by a two man team from Ivent Games. Strength of the Sword 3 has something in common with Bill Cosby’s megahit movie, Leonard Part 6. It shares one interesting notion in that it’s a sequel in name only. Being a fan of that film, I appreciate that.

Players take control of the magic-fueled, aesthetically mechanical functioning mechanism called a War Golem. Initially, the golem isn’t given much backstory and the game is light on exposition, leading to a focus on combat. The story basically involves a kingdom being affected by creatures bursting out of the ground. That is the problem and apparently you are the solution.

Strength of the Sword 3 is all about action. But not simple action. Button mashing is not recommended. You must pay attention to all the details. Every swing uses up precious stamina and attack animations are a commitment that should considered pre-swing. Challenging but deep combat is the order of the day with Strength of the Sword 3 and I highly recommend it.

Developer: Ivent Games
Publisher: Ivent Games
Genre: challenging 3rd person action, beat ’em up
Price: $4.99 on PSN, Buy it. Tough but fair beat ’em up
Platform(s): PS3, Playstation 3


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