Have Game, Will Play: Stick it to The Man

Ray is a hard hat tester. He lives in a flat, paper-like world and one day after work he has an accident. The result is a pink neon arm, and hand, sticking out of his head. This hand gives Ray the ability to read other people’s minds. This ability coupled with stickers makes Ray quite the problem solver. The characters in Stick it to The Man are flat but animate very well and reminded me of the intentionally awkward character designs from ParaNorman.

Stick it to The Man felt really familiar. It gave me that point and click adventure game vibe but it also includes some platforming. The writing and voice acting are very well done and it is a shame that this game will likely be forgotten. Games released the same week of new console often don’t get their due. This game is a great reason to leave your PS3 connected.

Developer: Zoink!
Publisher: RipStone
Genre: adventure, point and click
Price: $12.99 Buy it. This game has a great sense of humor and fun gameplay.
Platform(s): PS3, PS Vita


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