Have Game, Will Play: OlliOlli

OlliOlli, from Roll7, is a 2D skateboarding game that engages players in a constant risk reward situation. Bragging rights can only be obtained if you risk your high score by attempting to pull of more advanced moves and grinds successfully.

Graphically OlliOlli bears no resemblance to the most recent popular skateboarding games. The same could be said of its gameplay. Sure, you are ollieing, spinning, grinding and attempting to pull of similar moves but once you bail you’re done and you must restart the level. The game forces you to master the basics by taking away direct control of your skater for sloppy lands. This only lasts for a second or two but it can have a devastating effect on your overall run on top of negating whatever points you racked up while in the air.

The controls in OlliOlli utilize only the left analog, ‘x’ and your choice of shoulder button. Don’t let that fool you though, this game requires precise timing and pulling off tricks makes quarter to 3/4 analog motions a must. I had a lot of fun with OlliOlli despite not understand how the leaderboards work. The varied objectives, smooth but challenging gameplay and daily challenges(Daily Grind) means I will going back to OlliOlli for the foreseeable future.


Developer: Roll7
Publisher: Roll7
Genre: 2D Simulation-esque skateboarding
Price: $12.99
Platform(s): PS Vita
Recommendation: Buy it.


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