Have Game, Will Play: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max, from Max and the Magic Marker, selfishly wishes that his little brother, Felix, would go away. He quickly gets what he wants as his brother is snatched away into a portal. Feeling instantly regretful Max enters the portal to rescue his brother.

In this new world an evil sorcerer wants to drain Felix of his youth in order to reverse his own aging and Max must rescue Felix before this happens. With the assistance of an unknown ally, Max will employ the use of a magic marker to create and erase terrain and vines to traverse the environment. I was pleasantly surprised how much pure platforming the game’s first 15-20 minutes contained. Once Max obtains the marker the puzzle aspect becomes much more prevalent.

Overall I would recommend Max: The Curse of Brotherhood despite some small controller issues. It is a very fun, colorful and visually appealing game with an appropriate amount of challenge.

Developer: Press Play
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: puzzle platformer
Price: $14.99 Lack of control precision gripes aside, Max’s adventure is worthy of your time.
Platform(s): Xbox One, Xbox 360(coming early 2014)



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