Have Game, Will Play: LocoCycle

Games like The Maw, Ms. ‘Splosion Man and The Gunstringer have built up quite the reputation for, Microsoft 2nd party developer, Twisted Pixel. There is an expectation of humor with a TP game. Their latest release is also going for laughs but sadly it seems to have fallen a bit short.

The backdrop behind LocoCycle has you controlling an expensive, weaponized, A.I. driven motorcycle named I.R.I.S. But that’s not the gag. The gag is that I.R.I.S. is dragging her unwilling mechanic, Pablo, behind her. Despite the fact that I.R.I.S. can speak and understand 5000+ languages is of no help to Pablo since she cannot understand the Spanish that he screams to her incessantly begging her to stop. Needless to say, the “humor” it delivers is not for everyone and could be easily offensive to others. The game also begins with and often uses live action cinematics to provide exposition and continue the story. These are good for a few chuckles but so far I have yet to see anything that surpasses the wacky humor of Wavy Tube Man Chronicles.

Remember Roadblasters? If you do, then you may appreciate the portions of the levels where you get to drive and shoot cars filled with various enemies. It’s fun but the thrills don’t last long. The basic shoot, drive left/right and apply turbo gameplay is accompanied by some counter/combo heavy melee combat. EnemiesĀ  will surround you and you can smack them around and throw Pablo while executing simple counters. I found it repetitive but kind of fun. Quick-time events are also present and serve their purpose. LocoCycle is not a looker or very innovative but it does provide a few chuckles and some enjoyable moments.

Developer: Twisted Pixel
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Genre: comedic Vehicular combat
Price: $19.99, Wait for a sale if you think the humor and gameplay would appeal to you
Platform(s): Xbox One



  1. I have to admit that I’m kind of fascinated by this game’s badness. So much so that I would probably buy it for $5-10.

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