Have Game, Will Play: Hexodius XBLA

Hexodius has a narrative but the gameplay mostly involves shooting robots. If memory serves, a robot, named Fred, creates another electronic entity, B.O.B.,  to go in and do some probing. If this sounds suggestive, so be it.

Hexodius is a twin-stick shooter where you battle other robots, with a wide variety of abilities, in smallish arenas. These arenas are accessed on a map made up of hexagons. What separated this game from many within the genre was its leveling aspects. Beginning a game quite weak and vulnerable is nothing new however I did enjoy the plethora of enhancements and augmentations that can be applied to B.O.B. Increasing its firing rate, speed, the ability to drop bombs are just a couple of the options available.

The core of Hexodius is fighting in small arenas that honestly did not offer the most varied environments. Levels where you must protect Fred or travel back and forth through a series of hazards to gain credits are also available to add some range. There’s fun to be had with Hexodius but without an affinity for twin-shooting it might be a tough sell.

Developer: Brain Slap Studio
Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games
Genre: exploration and customizable twin-stick shooter,
Price: $9.99, Try the demo but buy it if you really like twin-stick shooters
Platform(s): XBLA, Xbox 360, Steam


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