Have Game, Will Play: Fractured Soul on PC


Not sure what the precedent is for 3DS eshop games being ported to the PC; so Endgame Studios may be pioneers. Their former eshop exclusive, Fractured Soul, has made its way to GOG and Desura. Fractured Soul is a platformer(sometimes shoot ’em up) that requires quickly moving between two realities. These realities are conveniently located on top of each other.

The levels are almost identical, almost. Players must dodge laser grids, enemies and use platforms to reach the end. Transferring quickly between the two screens is where the challenge lies. Hazards and enemies can be found on either screen or both. Your character is visible in both screens however the “inactive” version looks more like a colorful shadow. There is a puzzle platformer-like element to many sequences in Fractured Soul. Levels with a persistently pursuing laser wall or continually moving platform really adds some variety. This is all in addition to the elemental themed levels. A reality in water makes jumping higher but one in air(sans water) allow you to move and fall faster.

Fractured Soul has a consistent visual look but the ever changing environmental obstacles do well to shake things up. The icing on the cake comes in the form of shoot ’em up levels that are vertically oriented. The ships in both realities have a life meter that only stays full when enemy ships are being destroyed. Should either meter be fully depleted the game is over; forcing players to constantly shoot and dodge enemies on both screens. These levels also conclude with a boss fight.

The full game can also be played with another. Coop is for lack of a better word, insane. The strict timing required to swap locations is even more difficult when you’re playing with someone else who like you is solely in control of one reality. Yelling at the display in a frustrated rage is a better shared experience anyway.

Recommendation: Buy it
Genre: 2D action platformer/shoot ’em up
Developer: EndGame Studios
Publisher: EndGame Studios
Platforms: PS(GOG, Desura), 3DS eshop
Players: 1-2
Price: $9.99
Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by EndGame Studios.


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