Have Game, Will Play: Ethan Meteor Hunter

Ethan is a rat who happens to live next door to a bad neighbor. Luckily a meteor destroys his house and gives him telekinetic powers but not before his neighbor dumps trash onto his lawn. Soon after the discovery of his power, Ethan gets his revenge and sets off to investigate the other fallen meteors.

Ethan Meteor Hunter is a platforming game with environmental puzzles. Our rat protagonist has the usual list of platforming abilities: push, pull and jump in addition to the power to pause time and move objects with his mind. The pause ability can only be used when Ethan collected a specific power-up. More than one  can be acquired and the continual challenge is figuring out not only where but when to use them.

Generic would be a fair description of Ethan but his ability and the ever changing environments he traverses makes Ethan Meteor Hunter stand out amongst the crowd. One level allowed Ethan to use a pogo stick, think Commander Keen, to ascend a lengthy and hazardous vertical stage. Another appeared to be just like previous levels except for the 3 buzz saws that vigorously pursued him. Seaven Studios has created a game with a good blend of familiar mechanics with something a little extra.


Recommendation: Buy it
Developer: Seaven Studio
Publisher: Seaven Studio
Genre: Platformer Puzzle Game
Price: $6.99
Platform: PS3(cross-buy), Steam, PS Vita(cross-buy)
Full Disclosure: The game was provided by Seaven Studio PR for the PS3/Vita.


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