Have Game, Will Play: Don’t Die, Mr. Robot

Many games require you to shoot all the enemies on screen. Don’t Die, Mr. Robot from Infinite State Games wants you to avoid most of the enemies on screen. DDMR can be played in several modes: remix, arcade, timed and chill out.  This is the first game I was able to capture gameplay  of using the Playstation TV. I used a DS4 controller but with a vita you can use the the rear touch or motion controls in addition to the dpad or analog sticks.

Remix is the main mode and allows you to progress by earning trophies after completing various objectives. Stay alive, score the most points, get grazed by enemies and collect apples are just a few examples. The first handful of stages also serve as good tutorial. The ‘score the most points’ objective within remix mode essentially has its own mode, arcade. As Mr. Robot moves or pauses on any given stage enemies will constantly move around him; various types of fruit will randomly spawn in as well. Coming in contact with that fruit causes an explosion that can instantly kill just about any enemy it touches – leaving behind gold coins. I never tired of waiting until the screen was full of enemies and fruit and watching them all explode in a huge chain reaction. The two modes, timed and chill out are very similar to arcade except for being timed or having slower moving enemies.

Mr. Robot does not have to go into battle alone. Larger blasts, shields, magnets(for coins) and speed related power-ups can be purchased; however they are one-time use. Power-ups can be bought in bulk for extra effectiveness but are not allowed in remix mode. My one gripe was not being able to access the store from the game over screen. Having to go back to the main menu to access it was a little annoying. In addition to power-ups the shop has some items to customize Mr. Robot’s looks or you can purchase different avatars entirely. Don’t Die, Mr. Robot has very simple mechanics, leaderboards and addictive gameplay, don’t let the goofy looks keep you away.

Recommendation: Worth a buy
Full Disclosure: The Playstation TV/Vita version of this game was provided to GameEnthus by the developer.
Genre: arcade dodge ’em up
Developer: Infinite State Games
Publisher: Infinite State Games
Platform(s): Playstation Vita, Playstation TV
Price: $4.99


Worth a buy – paying full price for fans of the series or genre makes sense – often includes a caveat
Worth a buy on sale – not quite full price worthy but close, – often includes a caveat
No – borrow it if you must play it
Please no – Don’t waste any time and/or money on it

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