Have Game, Will Play: BeatBlasters III

A mean-spirited butcher has outlawed music in Accapella City. You take control of Joey or Gina and travel around helping citizens using your rhythm platforming powers.

BeatBlasters III is a rhythm puzzle platformer. Joey and Gina have 3 upgradable abilities: a beatblaster (fireball), a shield and rocket boots; that map to the 360 controller’s face buttons. They can use these powers to do everything from protecting and pushing a Nordic boat to safety to helping a monkey ride a kart on a track to escape other bomb throwing monkeys. It sounds crazy but I found it enjoyable.

Joey/Gina have a finite number of times they can use their powers. However any ability can be recharged by holding down the left bumper and tapping the corresponding button along with the level’s music. Staying on beat can build up a combo counter and enable Joey or Gina’s special moves. Having only played as Joey I know that his special move creates beatblasts that spiral all over the screen and allow him to have unlimited shield and rocket boot power.

The actual platforming is nothing special. The character’s floaty jump is limiting but that’s where the rocket boots come into play. BeatBlasters III has a nice look, clever boss battles, varied levels and quite a bit of challenge. It offers something rather unique for platformer and even tower defense game fans.

Recommendation: Buy it or at least try the demo
Full Disclosure: This game was provided for review by a Chainsawesome PR firm.
Genre: Rhythm Puzzle Platformer
Developer: Chainsawesome Games
Publisher: Chainsawesome Games
Platforms: Steam
Price: $9.99


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