ExtraLife Gaming Marathon

So as most of your know, and have heard me mention (edit: pimp) on the show, the Sarcastic Gamer Extra Life Marathon is coming up. This will be 24 hours of gaming from 8am October 16th to 8am October 17th. I will be streaming the entire time (like last year) and having friends over to maintain my sanity. Last year, I opened Uncharted 2 at 8:15am (after 15 minutes of Twin Snakes for the Gamecube) and I had the credits rolling by 6pm. I am looking for suggestions on new games, people to play with and potential sponsors. Take a look at the video above and the details in the ‘more’ section and thanks for the time.


Team Page/Donation Link  – Extra Life Game Enthus Team Page

Video gives a brief breakdown on how to get involved.