Explosionade Review

Explosionade is an action platformer from MommysBestGames that is currently available on the XBLIGs channel. This is another game from the minds that brought the world Weapon of Choice and Shoot1UP. The game revolves around an oft disrespected First Lieutenant named  Terry Atticus who finds a protoype mechsuit called GRenaDOS. Atticus travels to the sewers to take the enemy, The Horronym, head on. Meanwhile his loud-mouth CO, Colonel Dagwood Bouche, berates him despite leading a lesser effort at the Horronym fortress. Some of the exchanges between Atticus and Bouche bring a nice sense of levity. Explosionade is an action packed, 40+ level exercise in jumping and shooting that reminded me of the NES classic Blaster Master. Employing the suit’s machine gun, shield and grenades to clear the levels of baddies while opening a space to exit are your primary goals. The game continuously give you tips on how to better use GRenaDOS’ functions, which really become useful facing certain enemy types and Berserker bosses. Explosionade like MBG previous release, Shoot1UP, appears to have been created with a one session playthrough in mind. However the scalable difficulty and speed in Explosionade may prove otherwise and do offer replayability. Nevertheless this game is a fun ride and a steal considering the price of admission.


plenty of action, leaderboards, configurable speed and difficulty, great price point($1), large bosses, local coop


Explosionade like many other indies will not get their due, sometimes I got sticky grenades when I wanted bouncy ones(or vice versa), no love story đŸ˜‰


If you like jumping and shooting things, in any order you choose, you’ll like this game. Buy it.

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