GameEnthus Podcast ep321: Unfrosted Awareness or Appreciation Mentality

GameEnthus Podcast ep321: Unfrosted Awareness or Appreciation Mentality 

This week Drew(@Nintendrew_) from Youtube and Ben(@BCTerps) join Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) talk about: Nintendrew, Source Film Maker, Too Many Games, Walker Stalker Con, Mindfare, RetroCon, Andre the Giant, GPD Win, Radar Scope, Virtual Boy, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out!, Force Friday, League of Heels, Wrestlemania 2000, The Defenders, Iron Fist, Earthword Jim 3, WireWay, MC Groovz dance craze, Splatoon 2, Sonic Mania, Bio Force Ape, Diddy Kong Pilot, The Shadow, Sound Factory, Sim Tunes, Wii Music, Electroplankton, Gauntlet DS, Destiny 2, Pop Tarts, Uncharted Lost Legacy, Breath of the Wild Hard Mode, X-Com 2: War of the Chosen, Mario + Rabbids, Piczle Line DX, Boost Beast, Necrosphere Deluxe, Skeleton Boomerang, MagiCat, Songbringer, Stereo Aereo, The Lost Bear, Time Recoil, Planet of the Eyes, Resident Evil 4, All-Star Fruit Racing, Life is Strange Before the Storm, XBLIG, Creator Club, Brave, Mr. Shifty, Hotline Miami, Wrecking Crew and more.


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