E-Win Racing Champion Chair Review

In a world where people regularly purchase and discuss a myriad of gaming peripherals including but not limited to mice, earbuds, headphones, controllers, cameras and chairs – I have largely not been a part of those conversations. Why? The answer is simple – I don’t typically buy premium or premium priced gaming hardware. Perhaps this can fully attributed to my frugality or maybe I just don’t know what I’m missing. It would probably behoove me to start the beginning.

This is the chair I’ve done 90% of my gaming, working and podcasting in.

There are few frills and it has all of the components one might expect. I have spent many hours, especially in 2020, sitting in it for work, podcasting and, of course, gaming blissfully unaware that I could have more.

More came in the form of E-Win Racing reaching out to me to inquire about whether or not I wanted to receive one of their gaming chairs – specifically the E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair. After some careful thought I said “yes”.

It was quite fortuitous that the E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair arrived the day before I was scheduled to do a 12 hour Extra Life gaming marathon. Without a trace of hyperbole, I can confidently say that this chair kept me completely comfortable during the entire marathon. Usually my neck and back are letting me know that something is wrong by hour 8 – but not this time! The seat cushion is incredibly comfortable but the real stars of the show are the adjustable arm rests, lumbar support and neck/head cushion. I am not getting any younger and neck and back support are becoming increasingly important to me.

E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair Review

The E-Win Racing Champion Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair (chair) I own.

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