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For months I have been unable to download any video content from the Xbox Live Marketplace that requires media usage rights. I have only rented one movie( a year ago) from XBLM and have purchased no TV content so it hadn’t bothered me all that much. But lately I have felt like because it’s there, that it should work. I am able to use Microsoft Points on video content however the download never starts, instead I am met with an error that says that the media usage rights could not be downloaded(acquired whatever). I have been calling MS’s farmed-out tech suppor for 3 weeks trying to get this resolved. Hearing words like “escalating” and “priority” make you feel like something is actually being done. It isn’t. Almost every call to them from different phones in different locations result in them putting me on hold and hanging up on me. Perhaps they see the detail of my issue after pulling up my every changing reference number and they just hang up on me. Poor customer service. I am really getting upset. Especially because I attempted to rent a movie a step which I hadn’t tried before. I would get the error from the free content like a Voltron episode or something. MS deducted the proper number of points and once again I was met with the usual error. Now I have to either fight for them to fix my issue, thus enabling me to watch the film or get my points refunded to me.  Both of which require me to be on the phone with lackluster support who will most likely hang the phone up on me before I get my issue resolved. Needless to say I am not pleased.

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  1. Do you have a 512MB memory card? Disconnect your HDD, plug in the card (after having moved your profile to it), login to live and then try again.

    Another option, format your HDD, try again.

    Best option, process of elimination – lend your HDD to a friend – can they purchase an item with their account onto your HDD? Bring a friend over and have them buy something on your machine with their account – does it work?

    If you narrow it down to your profile being the problem…..

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