Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD

Have Game, Will Play: Carnivore Dinosaur Hunter HD


As a dinosaur hunter, not Turok, you employ weapons like a tranquilizer gun and a crossbow.  Sorry there’s no cerebral bore(I think). Successful hunts are rewarded with money that can be used to upgrade your weapons as well as your tracking device.  I have little to no experience with hunting games so I found very little to compare Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter HD to. The suspension of your disbelief I can only assume begins and ends with the fact that you are hunting dinosaurs. This notion is further compounded by your realistic movement speed. That’s a nice way of saying the game is slow. You begin by hunting herbivores but I can only assume that the excitement increases as well as the difficulty when you eventually hunt something that might be attempting to beat you to the punch.

Developer: Beatshapers(PS3 version), all others developed by Tatem Games
Genre: 1st person hunting, first person shooter, hunting
Price: $12.99, Buy if you are really into hunting games; especially ones with dinosaurs.
Platform(s): Playstation 3(in HD), android, iOS and PSP versions in SD

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