‪#‎100DaysOfGaming‬ for Extra Life kicks off with Kingdom Hearts and Karaoke.

Hey all,

It is Tiny, and I am going to be playing some Kingdom Hearts and singing some karaoke.

If donations to my Extra Life page, exceeding $15, comes in during a Gummi Ship section, or the worlds of Hercules, Tarzan, Aladdin, Little Mermaid. I will sing one or more songs from that series. If you have a specific request, put it in the donation note and I will try my best (I don’t know all the songs).

You can see this all streamed at Twitch.tv/Tiny415


Watch Kingdom Hearts & Karaoke – Gummi Bear Theme Song from Tiny415 on www.twitch.tv


Watch Kingdom Hearts & Karaoke – Tarzan – Two Worlds, One Family from Tiny415 on www.twitch.tv


Watch Kingdom Hearts and Karaoke – Hercules – Go the Distance from Tiny415 on www.twitch.tv



P.S. It is exactly 100 day until Extra Life game day, so all the help is appreciated.

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