GameEnthus Podcast ep82: Reproductive Chocolate! or BigRob as Wilson

This week the GameEnthus crew along with our friends Justin aka Jlove aka @DefterEquation9 and @Rashanii from Single Simulcast/Sin&Solace talk about Kingdoms of Amalur The Reckoning, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Star Wars The Old Republic, Shank 2, Gotham City Imposters, The Darkness, The Simpsons Arcade game, Resident Evil Revelations, Quarrel, Twisted Metal, The Darkness 2, Battle Pacman, DisneyLand Adventures, The League, Triple Town, Spider-man, Brand, A Voxel Action and more. If you like the show please leave us an itunes/Zune review, a tweet, an email or a voicemail (202-573-7686). We also would appreciate comments.


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Show Music

Intro – Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think

Break 1 – Duck Tales – African Mines Stage music

Break 2 – Pharoah Monch – The Light

Break 3 – Duck Tales – Translyvania Stage music

Break 4 – Nice & Smooth – Cake and Eat it too

Outro – Reflection Eternal ft. Les Nubians – Love Language

Showcap –Medina Green ft. Mos Def – Crosstown Beef


  1. Probably sucks to read about this awesome new birth control for men. Basically it works like a cork but it still let’s sperm thru it just knocks ’em out on the way out. It’s kinda like a diaphram or IUD for dudes only it’s good to go for years. I have to reread the article but it was something like it’s registered for 5 years but if I remember correctly there were no side effects so it could last for 4 times that.

    Incidentally one of the first operations i remember seeing on TLC was a vasectomy. The “20 minute in an office. keep your clothes on” version. A general InD1fference? it can’t be that bad.

    Al Gore: His full quote is saying that he helped create en environment that allowed the internet to be born.

    “habitual line stepper” was a Chappelle thing. I think we have to make a distinction on Urban Diction between things that are… actually things.. and things that are bits on TV that people find entertaining and try to MAKE into things.

  2. I forgot to say something about syndicate.. I don’t think the demo hurt the game. Quite the contrary the demo does what it’s supposed to do give you a taste of how the game works. The fact that you guys don’t like the game well hey that’s a pretty important feature of a demo as well. I’ve read other things people have said about the demo and it sounds like it appeals to a much smaller market than you might think considering that it’s an FPS.

  3. So awesome you can smell the class action lawsuit 10 years before it’s filed. People make too much of the big V for 2 reasons. 1. It involves balls 2. People assume that you have to be awake for it.

    You are right about the Al Gore thing. I just wanted to balance out my real one(Henry Box Brown) with something funny since no one else did a serious one.

    I don’t remember the habitual line stepper thing. I may need to watch some Chappelle in show and comedy special forms with the kids this weekend. If my wife gets mad I’m blaming you.
    As always thanks for the feedback.

  4. well exactly. Bioshock was a new IP that is designed to appeal to .. well most of us. Syndicate from what I read is based on an old IP that all things considered is supposed to appeal to those gamers. Sort of like this: “Oh hey you.. remember Syndicate? OH wait you don’t like that it’s an FPS now and you think it’s going to take away everything you loved about classic syndicate gameplay? Well here’s a demo just for you”

  5. dude you wrote big V and i immediately was confused as to how the topic got switched to vaginas.

    Charlie Murphy’s true life stories.. the line stepper was what Charlie Murphy called Rick James. 

  6. You lost me. All I know is that the demo was ugly and laggy and I don’t see that as a positive.

  7. That is right. I really have forgotten a lot of that show. Yeah I thought that big V might be confusing, my bad.

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