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GameEnthus Podcast ep276: Gleaming the Kyub or The Minish Mike

 GameEnthus Podcast ep276: Gleaming the Kyub or The Minish Mike This week Chris and Martin, makers of Kyub(@KyubTheGame), join Mike(@AssaultSuit), Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Kyub, ID@Xbox, Bit Summit, Japanese Indie Scene, Pokemon GO, Vita, Near, Summer Games Done Quickly, The West Wing, Lost in Space, Overwatch, Orange is the New Black, Notch, ArtScape, GameScape, … Continue Reading →

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GameEnthus Podcast ep262: No Hands Necessary or Spoilerproof

GameEnthus Podcast ep262: No Hands Necessary or Spoilerproof   This week it’s just Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) speaking briefly about: Captain America Civil War, Batman vs Superman, Ghostbusters, XBLA, Coleco Chameleon, Mike Kennedy, SoCal Mike, Retro Gaming RoundUp, GameGavel, Retro VGS, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Rocket League, Tomb Raider, Game Gear, Battletoads, Super Punch-Out!, … Continue Reading →

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Just Playing Through: Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded on Xbox 360

  Build and Destroy. Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded on Xbox 360 Full Disclosure: This game was provided to GameEnthus by the publisher. Genre: first person shooter/block builder Developer: Exato Games Publisher: GameMill Entertainment Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360 Price: $14.99 Players: 1-2 offine, 2-16 online mp, 1-4 online co-op Link(s): … Continue Reading →


Just Playing Through: Juju

A platformer for all. Juju

Phantom Breaker

Have Game, Will Play: Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Vita

If you have the desire to control a cartoony school girl or school girl warrior as she punches her peers, monsters, passersby and business men in the face, Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is the game for you. Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is an homage to the classic 16-bit era side-scrolling beat’em up. … Continue Reading →


Joint Venture: Monaco

Mike and Aaron partake in some weekend thievery in Monaco. Genre: action, adventure Developer: Pocketwatch Games Publisher: Pocketwatch Games Platforms: Steam, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360 Price: $14.99


Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep 3 and 4

Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep3 A Crooked Mile   Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep4 In Sheep’s Clothing The Wolf Among us is a graphic adventure adaptation based on the Fables comics by Bill Willingham. This game was released in October of 2013 following-up Telltales … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Jet Car Stunts

The popular and well-received mobile racer, Jet Car Stunts has made its way to the PC. Jet Car Stunts is advertised as a racing platformer, which is largely accurate. The tracks you race on are very segmented and require you to use the jet boost to continue to the finish … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Fez on PS4

Fez is a pure puzzle platformer. There’s no combat, no enemies, no death penalty and no time limit. It is a game that encourages exploration and cooperation with others(playing concurrently or previously). Fez is about a world that needs to be rebooted. However the only person who knows that is … Continue Reading →

Constant C

Have Game, Will Play: Constant C on XBLA

In a fictitious future things have gone awry on an outer space research center. The humans aboard are left a motionless state. Fortunately there’s a contingency; that’s the good news. The bad news is that all hope of rescue lies with a single point of failure. The aptly named Rescue … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Takedown Red Sabre on XBLA

Takedown Red Sabre was kickstarted in 2012 having successfully raised over $200k. It was supposed to be a tactical coop(can be played solo), team focused, first person shooter in the vein of Rainbow Six. Unfortunately it falls far short and is clearly unfinished. Recommendation: Nope! Not recommended Full Disclosure: This … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Soulcalibur II HD Online

This serves as an example of how developers should HD-ify(if that’s a word) an old classic. The original Soulcalibur II already looked fantastic but this definitely kicks it up a notch. Great port with solid online play, if only Link could join the rest of the cast. Developer: Project Soul … Continue Reading →

The Bridge

Have Game, Will Play: The Bridge

An Issac Newton-esque character needs to find keys for doors to unlock and enter. That sounds simple enough but it can be far from it.  Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda’s 2D black and white game, The Bridge, is a fun and challenging puzzle platformer. Rotating the world around you and … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Final Exam

En route to a high school reunion, four friends run into a seemingly endless horde of creatures. Despite being archetypes that probably wouldn’t have hung out in high school, they seem to work well together in disposing of these monsters. The cool guy and gal, the nerd and the jock … Continue Reading →

Castlevania LOS MOF

HG, WP: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD

Developer MercurySteam released the original Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate for the 3DS in March of 2013. The game was not well-received. The expectations around it were very high due to the successful reboot of the Castlevania series on console. Furthermore the high quality of handheld Castlevania games … Continue Reading →

Bloog Knights

Have Game, Will Play: Blood Knights

Imagine being a hunter and having to bond with your prey. As awkward as that sounds, what if the situation ultimately resulted in you having more empathy with your prey as you are unfortunately transformed into them. Blood Knights’ co-protagonist, Jeremy, suffers this fate. He goes from hunting vampires, to … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Magrunner: Dark Pulse

There is no need to pretend like Magrunner: Dark Pulse does not remind you of a popular first person puzzle platformer. It is in first person. It involves a protagonist maneuvering through a testing facility and there are very familiar UI elements. I recognize all of these similarities, and more, … Continue Reading →

wolf among us

Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us Ep1

Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us Ep1 The Wolf Among us is a graphic adventure adaptation based on the Fables comics by Bill Willingham. This game was released in October of 2013 following-up Telltales Games’ immensely popular The Walking Dead season 1. Bigby Wolf(aka The Big Bad Wolf) is … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Girl Fight

Have Game, Will Play: Girl Fight Girl Fight is a fighting game featuring scantily clad women. I am not a fighting game connoisseur so I am not a reliable source on how deep the fighting system is. However Girl Fight is a mechanically sound fighting game. As an admitted button-masher, … Continue Reading →


Star Wars Pinball: Balance of The Force

HG, WP: Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force Zen Studios has another 3 Star Wars tables for Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2. Choose a side, increase your score and watch how your performance effects the 3 new tables. These tables seem deeper than previous releases which shows that … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Hexodius XBLA

Hexodius has a narrative but the gameplay mostly involves shooting robots. If memory serves, a robot, named Fred, creates another electronic entity, B.O.B.,  to go in and do some probing. If this sounds suggestive, so be it. Hexodius is a twin-stick shooter where you battle other robots, with a wide … Continue Reading →


Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion HG, WP

Have Game, Will Play: Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion is a 3rd person action game that thankfully does not require your olfactory abilities. You control an orc and have the ability to use burbs and flatulence offensively in addition to a variety of weapons. If bodily functions … Continue Reading →

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GameEnthus Podcast ep159: Singing Out of Tune or Janitorial Contagion

Phoenix(@King_Phoenix410) from The Phoenix Project is pitching his MS tent and he won’t be moved. Shareef(@ShareefJackson) from Operation Cubicle and takes us to school about something we rarely talk about, sports! Mike(@AssaultSuit) may or may not have made a surprise purchase this week. David(@Tiny415) has technical issues and Aaron(@Ind1fference) … Continue Reading →


A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda Ex

Have Game, Will Play: A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda Ex A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda Ex is a side scrolling action platformer from Extend Studio and Aksys Games.  It is the latest version of a game with the same name, the EX is likely due to the inclusion of DLC available on Steam. A.R.E.S. … Continue Reading →


Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

GE Trial: Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death Gamers meet Marlow Briggs. Developer: Zootlfy Publisher: 505 Games Genre: 3rd Person action adventure Price: $14.99 Platform(s): Xbox360(XBLA), PC   Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death