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GameEnthus Podcast ep261.7: Bearing Relief or Bad Dates

GameEnthus Podcast ep261.7: Bearing Relief or Bad Dates   This week it’s just Tiny(@Tiny415), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) and they talk about: Extra Life United, Random, MEGARan, Steve Young, Nick Cannon, Keep Talking and No One Explodes, Street Fighter V, Mega Man Legacy Collection 3DS, The Naked Gun, Robot Loves Kitty Showcase, George Kennedy, National Lampoon’s … Continue Reading →

GE ep244 art

GameEnthus Podcast ep244: Nectar of the Devs or ClusterPucked

GameEnthus Podcast ep244: Nectar of the Devs or ClusterPucked This week Nick (@PHLCollective) from PHL Collective, creators of ClusterPuck 99, joins Ben (@BCterp), Michal J. (@GravityAllergy) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) to talk about: PHL Collective, Nick Madonna, ClusterPuck 99, PhillyDevNight podcast, Cipher Prime, Splice, Final Form, Jamestown+, Dragon Fin Soup, Grimm … Continue Reading →

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GameEnthus Podcast ep120: Hilarious Cleavage or Angry Singular Living

@CarbonShadow004(Ty) of EnthusLife fame joins the show this week. Since Carbon has been gone he’s gotten older and read many Green Lantern comics. @BigRob029 showcases just how much of a hipster he is. @AssaultSuit(Mike) tangles with the DC metro and “wins” and @Ind1fference(Aaron) prepares for yet another birthday party. We … Continue Reading →


Back When: TimeSplitters Future Perfect

  The last game in an underrated trilogy. This game still holds up and is begging to re-released, remade and/or succeeded.