GameEnthus Podcast ep270: Star Trek Wars or Purple Monkey Dishwasher

GameEnthus Podcast ep270: Star Trek Wars or Purple Monkey Dishwasher This week Pete(@PeteSkerritt) from GameGuyPeter on Youtube hangs out with Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Overwatch, Minecraft, Mortal Kombat Special Forces, Monster Party, Vigilante 8, PS2, Tecmo Super Bowl, NFL 2K5, All Pro 2K8, MTV, Captain America, Jack Flag, Ghostbusters, Angry Video Game Nerd, Doom, X-men … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep138: The Diddy Files or 3D DW

Carly(@DN_Pinkfluff), from Digital Noob and PoisonPinkFluff, joins the GE bunch and has some nice things to say about Defiance…the show. Mike(@AssaultSuit) has an unfortunate injury so he is unable to play games he still doesn’t care about anyway. @BigRob029 drinks some Hemlock of the Grove variety and unlike Socrates he’s … Continue Reading →

Back When: TimeSplitters Future Perfect

  The last game in an underrated trilogy. This game still holds up and is begging to re-released, remade and/or succeeded.

Broadcasting Live

[ad#ad-2] On I play a lot of 360 stuff now but I am itching to play some N64 mainly Perfect Dark(original) and the Aki Wrestling games (WCW/WWE(F))

Perfect Timing

[ad#ad-2] Perfect Dark will be returning this fall/winter to XBLA. The post’s title is somewhat of a misnomer only because I want it now. Honestly this was one of the most exciting bits of news from last week’s E3 (for me at least). I minored in Pefect Dark, GoldenEye and … Continue Reading →