Mages of Mystralia (Borealys) Dan Adelman Interview Pax East 2016

Mages of Mystralia (Borealys) Dan Adelman Interview Pax East 2016   Aaron interviews Dan Adelman about Mages of Mystralia from Borealys at PaxEast2016  

Pyre Interview w/ Greg Kasavin of SuperGiant Games at Pax 2016

Pyre Interview w/ Greg Kasavin of SuperGiant Games at Pax 2016 Aaron along with Michal J. and Ben J. interviews Greg Kasavin about SuperGiant Games’ Pyre at Pax East 2016.  

My First VR Experience

  The most anticipated thing for me going into PAX East was the chance to finally try VR for myself.

GameEnthus Podcast ep154: Console Yourself! or 8 is enough?

  Parris(@vicious696) from Gamertag Radio and Remember When is moving onto new things and he’s taking Battlefield 3 with him. Robert aka Desert Eagle(@tech_gaming) from Tech-Gaming has come down with Disney Infinityitis. Henry(@KNOXbroadcast) from Knoxbroadcast and Open Forum Radio is doing big things and closing deals. Mike (@AssaultSuit) is out … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus at Pax East: GCW Zero Handheld

  Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) check out the GCW Zero handheld. It looks interesting but the $150 price tag does give them pause.  

GameEnthus Podcast ep134: PaxEast & Pruno or Freshly Squeezed Cola

Fresh off of a trip to Pax East the GE crew is joined by our good friend Ben(@b_chiu) and the one and only Harold (@usfhbomb) from the Cross Border Gaming podcast. Ben’s visit to Pax East was his first gaming convention. Harold is now the proud owner of a Wii … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus at Pax East: Indie Showcase

  Aaron checks out some awesome indies at Pax East. He wishes he could have seen them all but that’s just silly. Letter Clever from Ananse Productions Hamster Drop from Skylance Studios, LLC Tiny Brains from SpearHead Games Girls Like Robots from PopCannibal ColorSheep and Orion’s … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus at Pax East: SwitchBlade Monkeys’ Secret Ponchos

Aaron interviews Yousaf Mapara from SwitchBlade Monkeys about their title Secret Ponchos.

GameEnthus at Pax East: Twisted Pixel’s LocoCycle

  Aaron sits down with Jay Stuckwisch from Twisted Pixel to check out LocoCycle.

GameEnthus at Pax East: Transistor w/ Greg Kasavin

Aaron interviews Greg about Super Giant Games’ new title, Transistor. My initial impression was “this looks a lot like Bastion”. I was very wrong.

Returning to the Real World

As I sit at the desk in my hotel room, mere minutes after the completion of the 4th PAX East Omegathon (congratulations to both the Orange and White teams, enjoy Germany!), I can’t help but feel a pang of regret. The weekend is over, it is time to go back … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep90: Stage Kit Dreams or The Honey Ham Theory

Topics: Stem Stumper, Dictator, TMNT, Shadow of the Collossus, Skull Girls, Zack Zero, GRAW2, Bastion, Devil May Cry HD collection, The Splatters, South Park TR, Kinect Star Wars, Skyrim, Rock Band Blitz, World Gone Sour, Sniper Elite, Pinball Arcade, Sorcerer’s of Magic Kingdom, Pax East, Fez, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Treasures … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep39: Pick a Pax(Any Pax) or The Bob Saget Connection

Fanatical_G from The Game Fanatics drops by the show this week. Tiny is busy at work and we discuss Pax East amongst other things. Some of the games we discussed include but are not limited to: 3DS, HomeFront, Fire Pro Wrestling, Bastion, Outland, Portal 2, Socom 4, Steel Diver, Kid … Continue Reading →