GameEnthus Podcast ep289: Asgardian Percussion or Perseverance

GameEnthus Podcast ep289: Asgardian Percussion or Perseverance This week Scar(@Scarfinger) from GeeksGoneRaw, Facetious and The Dr3am Team joins Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Roblox, Lifeline games, Youtube Red, Gamefly,, Sony PSP, Dishonored, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Splinter Cell Conviction, Mass Effect 3, DJ Hero, Geekfest, ThyGeekdomCon, Dr. Strange, Thor, Drop Dead Fred, The People Under … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep121: Full on Hater mode or 8-bitness

 First time guest @eod89d(Greg) joins the discussion this week and he’s been reading about zombies. We welcome @MPC_Hero(Lance) back to the show and are quite surprised by his love of Rhapsody and apathy towards The Walking Dead. @AssaultSuit (Mike) is rather upset about the Ravens and @BigRob029 continues to use his … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep110: Liquid Opinions or Mark Me Down

Topics: Wii U, iPhone 5, Steam Big Picture, Resident Evil 5, Happy Tree Friends, Paranorman, Baltimore Comic Con, Orioles, Mass Effect 3, Die Hard Arcade, Mark of the Ninja, Kung Fu Strike, Zen Pinball 2 (Plants vs Zombies), Red Johnson’s Chronicles, Double Dragon Neon, Metal Gear Solid, Christoper Titus, We … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus Podcast ep87: Stay on the Path or Pantsless Gaming

Topics: Journey, Attack the Block, Justice League Doom, In Time, Moneyball, Mass Effect 3, Syndicate, Shoot Many Robots, Defenders of Ardania, Ridge Racer demo, Shinobido 2 demo, Unit 13, RedShift, Birth Order, Windows 8, Alan Wake, John Carter, Avatar etc. Guest: Henry Knox(@KnoxBroadcast) from GE Hosts: @BigRob029, Dave@Tiny415, Mike(@AssaultSuit), … Continue Reading →