Have Game, Will Play: Soulcalibur II HD Online

This serves as an example of how developers should HD-ify(if that’s a word) an old classic. The original Soulcalibur II already looked fantastic but this definitely kicks it up a notch. Great port with solid online play, if only Link could join the rest of the cast. Developer: Project Soul … Continue Reading →

GameEnthus at Pax East: Indie Showcase

  Aaron checks out some awesome indies at Pax East. He wishes he could have seen them all but that’s just silly. Letter Clever from Ananse Productions http://www.ananseproductions.com/ Hamster Drop from Skylance Studios, LLC facebook.com/hamsterdrop Tiny Brains from SpearHead Games https://www.facebook.com/SpearheadMtl Girls Like Robots from PopCannibal  http://popcannibal.com/girlslikerobots/ ColorSheep and Orion’s … Continue Reading →