Gang Beasts

Joint Venture: Gang Beasts

Donnie(@GenDV183), Gnitro(@Gnitro), Tym(@VTTym), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Gang Beasts for charity.


Joint Venture: Screencheats

Tym(@VTTym), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Screencheats for charity.


Joint Venture: Gauntlet

Tym(@VTTym), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Gauntlet for charity.                                                                                                  

TowerFall Ascension

Joint Venture: Towerfall

Tym(@VTTym), Ben(@BCterps), Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Towerfall for charity.


Joint Venture: Broforce

Tym(@VTTym), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Broforce for charity.


Joint Venture: Assault Android Cactus

Tym(@VTTym), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Assault Android Cactus for charity.

Mega Coin Squad

Joint Venture: Mega Coin Squad

Tym(@VTTym), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Mega Coin Squad for charity.


Joint Venture: Speedrunners

Tym(@VTTym), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) play Speedrunners for charity.

GE ep205 art

GameEnthus ep205: Burgundy Handle or Wireless (dis)belief

  This week, strangely enough, it’s just Tiny(@Tiny415), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference). Sans guest we still manage to talk about: Extra Life marathon, Bayonetta 2, Arcania, Sunset Overdrive, X-wing/Tie Fighter, Animal Gods, Woah Dave!, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, #KillAllZombies, Towerfall, Screencheats, In Space We Brawl, Gauntlet, Crimsonland, Speedrunners, Thunderblade, Smash … Continue Reading →

Escape Goat 2

Just Playing Through: Escape Goat 2 on PS4

I wonder if a goat would eat a dual shock 4. I hope not, that would make it difficult to play Escape Goat 2. Genre: puzzle platformer Developer: MagicalTimeBean Publisher: MagicalTimeBean/Double Fine Platform(s): PS4, Steam, Price: $9.99 Links

Woah Dave!

Just Playing Through: Woah Dave!

I needed to stop playing Woah Dave! and run some errands…they never got done. Genre: old-school, yet new arcade style game Developer: Choice Provisions Publisher: Choice Provisions Platform(s): Steam, 3DS, iOS Price: $4.99 on Steam/3DS, $1.99 on iOS Links

Murasaki Baby

Have Game, Will Play: Murasaki Baby

Baby needs to feel safe and secure. Not knowing the whereabouts of Mommy have baby feeling a bit fearful. Murasaki Baby from Ovosonico puts players in the roll of someone Baby trusts. This isn’t explicitly stated, it is implied because using the Vita’s front touchscreen allows you to guide Baby. … Continue Reading →


Team GameEnthus’ Extra Life Marathon!

Hey folks we’ll be taking donations here: and streaming at:   Watch live video from Tiny415 on Watch live video from ind1fference on

GE ep204 art

GameEnthus ep204: UnCornished Game Hen or Ultronoccio

This week Kahlief(@Kahjahkins) from the Spawn Point Blog converses withTiny(@Tiny415), Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) about: The Evil Within, Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, Shadows of Mordor, Angry Birds Transformers, In Space We Brawl, NBA 2K15, A City Sleep, Theatrhythm Curtain Call, Race the Sun, Escape Goat 2, Voice … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Styx: Master of Shadows

A small, yet spry, goblin named Styx is confused, headache prone and determined to thwart an alliance between elves and humans to extract amber from the World-Tree. This tree is the only source of the strange yet powerful amber that humans cannot safely expose themselves to. Styx: Master of Shadows … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: IonBall 2: IonStorm

Think Arkanoid with louder music, progression and more bosses. Recommendation: Worth a buy – if you like breakout games Full Disclosure: The Steam version of this game was provided to GameEnthus by the publisher. Genre: breakout-style game+ Developer: Ironsun Studios Publisher: KISS ltd. Platform(s): PC, Steam, Indiegala, Green Man Gaming … Continue Reading →

Infinity Runner

Have Game, Will Play: Infinity Runner

If a werewolf was in space, would it run? Wales Interactive, developer and publisher of Infinity Runner, would say yes. Infinity Runner is a first person infinite runner where you are a man with the ability to become a werewolf.  Perhaps his ability explains his proclivity to run on two … Continue Reading →

GE ep203 art

GameEnthus ep203: Ovaltine Dreams or Jank Endurance

This week Cicero(@StubbyStan) from the Spawn Point Blog and Steve(@MrAlarm) from Nerds on the Rocks hang out with Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: The Evil Within, Destiny, Fantasia Demo, Bayonetta 2 demo, Pix The Cat, 2nd Chance Heroes, Castlevania Circle of the Moon, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, NBA 2K15, … Continue Reading →

Fenix Rage

Have Game, Will Play: Fenix Rage

The need to play rapid-respawning, stupidly difficult platformers is still a thing. So the fine folks of Green Lava Studios are doing their part to deliver what the people want. Green Lava Studios’ Fenix Rage pits a blue hedgehog-esque hero against a silent villain who he must pursue through a … Continue Reading →


PlayStation TV Boxing

Boxing up the PlayStation TV while talking about it.

GE ep202 art

GameEnthus ep202: Pong@1000fps or Verbatim Bootleg

This week Marcus(@MajorLinux) and Tyrone(@Zero0Four) from the MSZero Podcast and Tyler(@TylerTreese) from 8 Worlds News hang out with Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Smash Bros. 3DS, Styx: Master of Shadows, Forza Horizon 2, alternate international movie titles, Watch Dogs Bad Blood, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Turtle Tale, Art of … Continue Reading →

Phantom Breaker

Have Game, Will Play: Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Vita

If you have the desire to control a cartoony school girl or school girl warrior as she punches her peers, monsters, passersby and business men in the face, Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is the game for you. Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds is an homage to the classic 16-bit era side-scrolling beat’em up. … Continue Reading →



Some generous podcast listeners sent in some cool stuff. Thanks @MPC_Hero  @GravityAllergy  and  @Passthemstickss.


Back When: King’s Quest: Quest for the Crown

Wait, this isn’t King’s Quest V!

Adv of Pip

Have Demo, Will Play: Adventures of Pip

  Tic Toc Games has successfully Kickstarted Adventures of Pip and having played this demo I can tell why. Adventures of Pip                                                            … Continue Reading →