MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: ShutShimi Interview

Aaron talks to Wayne Kubiak about the quick interval horizontal muscle fish shoot ‘em up ShutShimi. Links

Combat Core

MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Combat Core Interview

Aaron talks to Micah Betts about his upcoming PowerStone influenced arena combat game Combat Core. Links


MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Cosmonazis Interview

Aaron talks to Will Blanton about his action/stealth game Cosmonazis. Links


MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Alum Interview

Aaron talks to Micah and Luke Orsie from Crashable Studios about their upcoming point-and-click adventure game Alum. Links

Burrito Galaxy 65

MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Burrito Galaxy 65 Interview

Aaron talks to Mush Buh about the strange first person adventure game Burrito Galaxy 65. Links

Starr Mazer

MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Starr Mazer Interview

Aaron talks to Too DX/Imagos Softworks about their point-and-click adventure/shoot ‘em up mash-up Starr Mazer. Links


MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Vagante Interview

Aaron interviews Nuke Nine Games about their rogue-like Vagante. Links

Neon Krieger Yamato2

MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Neon Krieger Yamato Interview

Aaron interviews Dong Lee from LionPlex about the futuristic solo but coop-friendly action game Neon Krieger Yamato. Links

Particle Mace

MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Particle Mace Interview

Aaron interviews Andy Wallace about his single analog stick controlled multiplayer(single player too) game Particle Mace. Links

Extreme Exorcism

MAGfest13: Extreme Exorcism Interview

Aaron interviews Golden Ruby Games about their upcoming ghostly action platformer Extreme Exorcism. Links

Magnetic By Nature

MAGfest13: Magnetic By Nature Interview

Aaron interviews Paige Ashlynn about the platforming puzzler Magnetic By Nature. Links


MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: Zarvot Interview

Aaron interviews Sam Eng from SnowHydra about his cube controlling arena combat game Zarvot. Links


MAGfest13 Indie Showcase: 20XX Interview

Aaron interviews Chris and Zach from BatteryStaple Games about their roguelike Mega Man X inspired action platformer 20XX. Links

Immunde Defense Game

MAGfest13: Immune Defense Game Interview

Aaron interviews the folks behind the education and entertaining cell defense focused Immune Defense Game. Links

GE ep213 art

GameEnthus Podcast ep213: Holo Gestures or 12ep Gaming

This week Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) chat with Justin(@DarkContext) and Lance(@MPC_Hero) about: The Talos Principle, MAGfest, Destiny, Master Reboot, P.T., The Evil Within, Ori and the Blind Forest, The Witness, Dirty Bomb, Quake Wars Enemy Territory, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, H1Z1, JumpJett Rex, Gunstar Super Heroes, Contra 4, Bangai-O … Continue Reading →


Just Playing Through: Paparazzi Demo

  A price will be paid; in dignity or cash. Paparazzi Links

disco dodgeball

Just Playing Through: Disco Dodgeball

Dodge, duck(jump), dip, dive and dodge! Disco Dodgeball Genre: first person robotic dodgeball Developer: Erik Asmussen Publisher: Erik Asmussen Platform(s): Steam Links

GE ep212 art

GameEnthus ep212: Beautiful Garbage or Streetpassed

  This week Ben(@BCTerps) stops by GameEnthus HQ to talk with Tiny(@Tiny415),  Mike(@AssaultSuit) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) about: New 3DS XL, Bayonetta 2, Guilty Gear Xrd, Saints Row 4 Gat out of hell, Titanfall Halo 5 Beta, Skylanders: Trap Team, The JackBox Party Pack, Super Smash Brothers Wii U, NintendoLand, Game … Continue Reading →

Repaly VHS

Just Playing Through: Replay: VHS is not Dead

Replay: VHS is not Dead Genre: puzzle-heavy platformer Developer: Neko Entertainment Publisher: Neko Entertainment Platform(s): Steam Links

Shape Up

Have Game, Will Play: ShapeUp Review

Is it like Kinect Party with a fitness focus? I began playing Ubisoft’s Shape Up thinking it would be something like Kinect Party with some fitness trappings. Those moments are present but don’t occur nearly as often as they need to. Some of the activities like the block punching, melon … Continue Reading →

Soul Axiom

Just Playing Through: Soul Axiom

Apparently keeping a spirit accessible forever comes with a price in Soul Axiom from Wales Interactive Genre: first person adventure/puzzle game Developer: Wales Interactive Publisher: Wales Interactive Platform(s): Steam, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One Price: $19.99 for Early Access Steam version Links!soul-axiom/c1q1m  


Have Game,Will Play: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse Review

No longer a genie, is Shantae still ready for an adventure. Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse   Wayforward’s Shantae series is one that I should be more familiar with. But having never owned a Gameboy Color it was difficult to get my hands on. It also had a very low … Continue Reading →

Dead Effect

Just Playing Through: Dead Effect

Shoot infected zombie-like creatures in space with guns…better than it sounds. Dead Effect Links


Just Playing Through: Elegy for a Dead World

 Choo…write your own adventure. Elegy for a Dead World Links                                                                                                                                                           

Funk of Titans

Have Game, Will Play: Funk of Titans Review

Funk of Titans Review Waiting at the DMV is the perfect place to pull out a mobile device, preferably a phone, and play something quick that you can make progress in. Apparently indie developer A Crowd of Monsters wants you to bring your Xbox One everywhere you go or they … Continue Reading →