GE Tribulations: SuperHexagon

Channeling the ghost of Tempest, SuperHexagon brings you some crazy, twitchy, shape-shifting (and terribly frustrating) action.

I picked this one up on the latest Humble Bundle sale. So far so good, despite it being super frustrating…. as you can tell from the video.

I like the game- I don’t realistically see anyone playing this on mobile without some sort of tactile buttons, but it would definitely be easy to pick up and play. I even had a hard time keeping up with a 360 controller on PC, but it’s a title that geared a bit more towards the more patient (read: hardcore and skilled) crowd. Oh yeah… if you have a chance to get the soundtrack with the game go for it. The soundtrack is really good and its unlikely you will hear a whole song while playing the game.

SuperHexagon is available for purchase on PC, Mac, Linux, Steam, Android, and iOS.