GE Tribulations: Darksiders’ Game Breaking Bugs!!!

This is my unfortunate experience based on playing Darksiders on the PC, through steam. I picked up this copy from the THQ “humble” bundle.

darksiders war

I was having a great time with the original Darksiders over this past weekend. This game for me was scratching an itch for a combat based adventure game that didn’t take itself too seriously. I still haven’t added a video card to my system yet, but I had it running pretty smoothly at a lower resolution. It didn’t look as sharp as it could but I was having a great time slicing and dicing crazy enemies and bosses, and figuring out some crazy puzzles anyway. In Darksiders you play as War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, who has been accused of prematurely causing the end of the world. You slice and dice the aforementioned crazy enemies and bosses to try and clear your name.

My fun weekend of enemy dicing in Darksiders came to a disappointing end when I encountered the ::gasp:: game-breaking bug. I was leery of this possibility (as glitches and bugs seem to be more and more common in gaming these days) so I was diligent in my manual saving, but despite my efforts I still came across this odd bug. To make a long story short, I was on a mission to find 3 swords throughout an area and I had to bring them back to a central location. From there you are supposed to go on to fight the boss for that area. I had retrieved one sword already, spent an hour on the second puzzle to get to the next sword and when I got to it my payoff was reduced to a simple, Nelson styled,- “Ha-Ha!” The new sword glitched out and I ended up running around with no sword…. my sword was invisible, the quest sword was also gone. I had no sword at all. I was hoping the invisible sword would trigger the end of the mission, but no luck there either. I tried reloading my earlier saves and they all loaded me in with the same invisible sword issue. All my previous progress hinged on this, so my game saves are completely broken and if I want to continue I will have to start over.  The game is interesting and fun enough that I may suck it up and try again, but I’m not sure if I want to risk another 3+ hours of gameplay.

totally not overcompensating at all...

Totally not overcompensating at all…

I don’t have any poignant insight and commentary on the state of gaming in this day and age, or how a lack of quality control can affect gamers, or even how glitches and bugs on multi-platform games can create a mindset that is detrimental to a particular platform; but I can say that I am disappointed in THQ/Vigil Games for not patching this glaring bug. A bug that, according to the internet, has affected hundreds of players. Sure, bugs and glitches occasionally make it into games and its unfortunate, but as gamers we accept it as the norm and deal with it… mostly by creating manual saves in an OCD fashion, which can break down the whole experience. But, my issue with this particular case is that on other platforms this glitch was patched and fixed, but on the PC it was never fixed.

When was the last time you saved?

When was the last time you saved?

At this point, I’m just complaining about a game that is 2 years old and I still haven’t found a workaround yet. (You’d think the internet would have taken it upon itself to write up a patch by now…. custom built for me, of course.) Anyway, I was having a great time with Darksiders- it’s pretty, it’s fun, and though it’s iterative (read: Zelda), it is different enough to be a cool experience. If you have a beefy PC I’d say its worth cranking the settings all the way up and seeing what it can really look like, but for ease of use I’d have to recommend the console version. Or, just pick up Darksiders II.

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  • Katelynn Casey

    Those are not game breaking glitches. There is a way fix it, and it’s called: Reset the game.

  • thewolfkin

    hm.. any tips to avoid said bug.. DS is on my “to play list” and on my “Own it on PC and PSN” list.

  • Rebel w/out Applause

    what i had seen on the forums was that if you press anything during the “im picking up the sword now” animation it causes the bug…. I know i totally screwed myself to cause the glitch- i was haphazardly hitting buttons cuz the prompt took a while to pop up. So, ill be restarting the game and hoping for the best… i really don’t want to start over. 

  • Rebel w/out Applause

    update…. uh, yeah. Thanks for the tip Katelynn, but resetting the game didn’t do sh*t. Game was still borked. I went back a save that was about 30 mins in and am working my way up to where i was and hopefully it doesn’t happen this time. 

  • Quaisha A.T.

    Luckily I haven’t ran into that glitch on the PS3 version, although my game froze a couple of times. My beef with Darksiders is the controls. I go to jump and it does a half ass jump that always kills me because most of the time you are jumping off a platform that, if failed, can lead to your death. It’s not like my controller is so beat down or the batteries are going. Hopefully I’m almost finished with the game, though interesting and really good combat, can be a bit tedious because the weapon level is so slow. I have only one weapon surpassed level 3 and I’m probably am 90% done with the game

  • BigRob

    Yeah… im somewhere in the middle for sure- but as you know, i suck at jumping in darksiders too. hopefully its fixed in DS2, i trust youll let us know when you finish the first one and start the second one. 😀