Evil Sticks Review

By BigRob

​As mentioned in Episode 58, I jumped into the world of controller modding and purchased a set of Evil Sticks from Evilcontrollers.com.  Disclaimer: BigRob games hard and games in style but is not a fan of modding specifically to cheat the system.  Xbox live polices itself, so i guess the system eventually works.  Whatever.  Morality aside… in addition to modding, evilcontrollers provides gamers with high quality custom parts, replacements and upgrades.  These visual upgrades provide a nice aesthetic and certain flair that definitely has appeal.


​The normal Xbox 360 controller is a marvel in tech and ergonomics, yet it is not without its flaws. The 360 controller offers great reliability and durability but there is always room for improvement.  The evil sticks replace the pair of analog sticks on the xbox controller.  Instead of being concave, they are convex similar to the ps2/3 analog sticks. They are coated with a nonslip material that provide a bit more grip.  They are black with the EvilControllers.com logo positioned slightly hidden on the bottom receding into the controller itself. (Minimalist/Classy)

Installing the sticks was pretty easy as there are a number of tutorial videos online showing how this is done, evilcontrollers hosts a few of their own as well.  After locating and removing all the necessary screws popping off the analog sticks and replacing them was the easy part.  If you are just replacing the sticks or doing the dpad upgrade its about a half hours worth of work well spent. Replacing the triggers for the new shell is a whole other story.  I did manage to find a video tutorial on how to replace them and it turns out I made it a slightly bigger deal than it shouldve been. Once replaced, the results are well worth the work.  You are left with a new shiny casing, and though the sticks arent shiny they sure feel good.

controller teardown

part swap

​Overall the evil sticks are an upgrade, your individual performance/preference will vary.  If you have sweaty hands or tend to play for extended periods of time, they will definitely be a benefit. The casual gamer probably won’t notice the difference while a more hardcore gamer would likely notice and appreciate pulling off more headshots. But, for the gamer that likes to put their gaming on display (like me), you might as well give them a try… if the controllers look nice on the shelf, they ought to play nice too.  After a few days of playtime I can definitely say it will likely come down to personal preference, but these sticks can easily grow on you.  A few rounds of SWAT in Halo Reach  pretty much seals the deal for my recommendation.  I think that in prep for the pending gaming season and the Extra Life Gaming Marathon I will have to invest in a couple more pairs.

new sticks

Old & Busted

​EvilControllers.com sells the evil sticks in $10 sets.  They also offer them in a free trial set knowing that if you enjoy them you will certainly buy more.  Obviously, I picked up the glossy orange controller shell with free sticks.  (And it looks awesome, right?!)  I follow @EvilControllers on twitter and have had a few helpful back and forth conversations.  Can you imagine they actually know what customer service is?!  Honestly, I was skeptical about this purchase but I am happy that I made it.  The site is well done with a checkout system that is quick and painless.  I won’t be drop shotting and auto bursting noobs in Black Ops any time soon but EvilControllers.com definitely impressed me with their “evil” sticks that certainly live up to their reputation.


  • Actual upgrades to the originals
  • Look and feel great
  • They offer actual customer service!


  • The install was easy to do but not for the feint of heart
  • The black sticks look good, but don’t match d-pad grey
  • Shipping & Handling

Check out the unboxing here.

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