Abyss Odyssey JV

Joint Venture: Abyss Odyssey

Mike and Aaron jump and slash to near perfection in Ace Team’s Abyss Odyssey. Genre: action, adventure, rogue-like Developer: Ace Team Publisher: Atlus Platforms: PC, Xbox 360 , PS3 Price: $14.99 http://abyssodyssey.com/abysspage.html http://GameEnthus.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gameenthus-podcast-video-games/id286435007?mt=2


Have Game, Will Play: Mousecraft

Apparently Schrodinger’s cat has survived and is busy conducting experiments of his own. He uses mice to retrieve pieces of cheese and crystal shards. You could spend time questioning why the shards were placed within the container along with the cheese and the mice, but it really doesn’t matter. Mousecraft … Continue Reading →


Joint Venture: Monaco

Mike and Aaron partake in some weekend thievery in Monaco. Genre: action, adventure Developer: Pocketwatch Games Publisher: Pocketwatch Games Platforms: Steam, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360 Price: $14.99 http://www.monacoismine.com http://GameEnthus.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gameenthus-podcast-video-games/id286435007?mt=2

So Many Me

Just Playing Through: So Many Me

So Many Me I messed up the name of the game a couple times during the video. Oops. Genre: puzzle platformer Developer: Extend Studios Publisher: Origo Games Platforms: Ouya, Steam, Mac, Linux Price: $14.99 http://x10interactive.com/somanyme/ http://GameEnthus.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gameenthus-podcast-video-games/id286435007?mt=2


Have Game, Will Play: Blue Estate The Game

I’m not much of a light gun game afficianado. The primary reason is because I no longer own any CRT televisions. Although I honestly didn’t play much beyond Duck Hunt in my youth. I borrowed a Super Scope Six from a friend during the SNES era but that’s another story. … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Monochroma

A dark, forboding, eerily silent and industrial environmental awaits players in Nowhere Studio’s Monochroma. The tale revolves around two brothers. The younger sibling becomes hurt and the older, truly being his brother’s keeper, carries him on his back throughout most of the game. The brother can be put down on … Continue Reading →

Another World

Have Game, Will Play: Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

Another World aka Out of This World(US)/Outer World(Japan), designed by Eric Chahi, is a classic adventure game where players take control of a scientist named Lester.  Apparently Lester is doing fairly well for himself as he is seen in the beginning driving to work in a Ferrari. Whether he is … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Armillo

The Wii U is many things(or maybe not depending on who you ask) but it is certainly not considered a reliable source in the industry for independent games. Despite it having a good number of indie releases, it is only now that people are recognizing its indie exclusives. One of … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Z-Run

Endless runners are as ubiquitous as zombies. Beatshapers latest release, Z-Run, combines swift movement with masses of the living dead. Running passed the zombies only works if they are far away from you. However you will need to slide, dodge, kick and utilize melee/projectile weapons to get to the end … Continue Reading →

Magical Beat

Have Game, Will Play: Magical Beat

Enjoy matching 3 like colored beatons(blocks) to send melancholy looking blocks over to the CPU or ad hoc human opponent’s side of the screen. If you get them to fill up their side to the top, you win. Playing to beat is of the utmost importance. You can enjoy the … Continue Reading →

Mutant Blobs Attack

Have Game, Will Play: Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!!!

Scientists have locked up a bunch of mutant blobs from space. The blobs are being experimented on and generally mistreated. One purple-spiked blob has had enough and breaks free. His newly found freedom is immediately shared with his blob brethren. Now he must hide from the humans and attempt to … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Sixty Second Shooter Prime

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is the Lays potato chip of twin-stick shooters. Once you start playing you can’t stop. There are 2 modes: 60 and infinity. The former gives you one minute to rack up as many points as possible. You will acquire power-ups that augment your weapons along the … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Crimsonland

Crimsonland is a bloody twin-stick shooter that was originally released in 2003. Developer 10tons Ltd decided to give it an overhaul and enhance it. The latest version of Crimsonland still places your controllable character in a flat environment with multitudes of advancing enemies. While Crimsonland is a twin-stick shooter it … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Spoiler Alert

Chili Pepper Knight wants a mulligan on life. Sure – he’s cleared the levels, defeated the bosses and rescued Princess Tomato but he wants to undo it all. Spoiler Alert is a platforming game where you undo it all again, sort of. You’ll replace coins, unstop enemies, catch previously thrown … Continue Reading →

Shovel Knight

Have Game, Will Play: Shovel Knight

We live in a time when nostalgia cannot really be considered a fad. For the past 3-4 years the independent game development community has produced games that sing never-ending praise for the 8 and 16-bit generation. Some thought this was a passing fancy and that we’d “get over it”. They … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: 1001 Spikes

There is a story in (Aban Hawkins)1001 Spikes however the focus of this game is platforming. Not just any platforming, 1001 Spikes’ pinpoint controls are utilized in extremely difficult and unforgiving levels. Spikes, boulders, water, falls, dart-projecting statues and more are ready and willing to kill you at any moment … Continue Reading →

Last Tinker

Have Game, Will Play: The Last Tinker City of Colors

Colortown is a place where creatures of any hue live and work together. However feelings of superiority, sadness and fear have caused the harmony found in Colortown to take an ugly segregated turn. As creatures of like colors begin to gather together they are forced to pause their segregation by … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Worms Battlegrounds

My worms experience is not vast. I played a PC version years ago and several hours of the first Worms title on XBLA. That’s about it. So please indulge me if I am unaware of all the of the differences between Worms Battlegrounds and its predecessors. Now I feel very … Continue Reading →

1001 Spikes

Just Playing Through: 1001 Spikes on PS4

Listen and watch Aaron chat and fail at 1001 Spikes on the PS4. Genre: extremely difficult platformer Developer: Nicalis Publisher: 8bits Fanatics Platforms: Cross-buy(PS4, Vita) Steam, 3DS, Wii U Price: $14.99 http://www.nicalis.com/games.php# http://GameEnthus.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gameenthus-podcast-video-games/id286435007?mt=2

retron 5

RetroN 5 Boxing

The RetroN 5 gets put in its place…and then removed again for the foreseeable future. http://www.retron5.com                                                                                                                                                           http://GameEnthus.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/gameenthus-podcast-video-games/id286435007?mt=2


Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep 3 and 4

Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep3 A Crooked Mile   Just Playing Through: The Wolf Among Us ep4 In Sheep’s Clothing The Wolf Among us is a graphic adventure adaptation based on the Fables comics by Bill Willingham. This game was released in October of 2013 following-up Telltales … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Sparkle 2 PS4

Sparkle 2 is 10tons’ follow-up to their original rotating, action puzzle, match 3 game. Both versions can be found on a wide variety platforms. I had the pleasure of playing Sparkle 2 on the PS4 and Vita. There is a storyline involving enchanted keys and mystery but regardless of your … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Chronology

An old inventor, who regrets the results of his youthful ambition, gets chance to turn back the hands of time and fix the world he helped destroy. Chronology from osao games is a puzzle platformer that allows players to control time. The mechanic is rather simple and works in a … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Jet Car Stunts

The popular and well-received mobile racer, Jet Car Stunts has made its way to the PC. Jet Car Stunts is advertised as a racing platformer, which is largely accurate. The tracks you race on are very segmented and require you to use the jet boost to continue to the finish … Continue Reading →


Have Game, Will Play: Titan Attacks!

The team at Puppy Games really likes the arcade classic Space Invaders quite a bit. So much so that they made a love letter to it. Their latest release,  Titan Attacks!**, is more than enough evidence. Waves of enemies will move back and forth at the top of screen and … Continue Reading →