Stranger of Sword City – Xbox One Review

Howdy folks, My friends call me Goose. I’m an RPG Methuselah who enjoys gaming on all platforms throughout the decades. I’m the kind of RPG enthusiast who imports JRPGs without translation just to play them. I’d like to thank Aaron for giving me the opportunity to post a review on … Continue Reading →

Review: Armello

When I originally heard about Armello, I missed heard the title and thought my friend had said Carmelo, and my imagination took off imagining it was either a third person action adventure game, where you played as a chocolate covered caramel candy bar or a life simulator about Carmelo Anthony. … Continue Reading →

Have Game, Will Play: Kalimba Review

Have Game, Will Play: Kalimba Review It would be fair to say that the renaissance of the puzzle platformer is happening now. If you are less optimistic about it, perhaps it is overstaying its welcome. Nevertheless Press Play’s entry in this (sub) genre delivers an almost perfect balance of challenge … Continue Reading →

Review: Oddworld New ‘n Tasty PS4

Oddworld New ‘n Tasty is a remake of a classic PS1 game from 1997.  What does that mean in 2014?  Let’s take a look…

Bravely Default Demo Impressions

(Please note: This is just a review of the demo. The release will allow more jobs, more skills and more customization.) Square Enix has been a little bit busy lately with an MMO re-launch (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn), a new MMO unveiling (Dragon Quest X), completing a gaming … Continue Reading →

Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Runner 2 sprints onto the Vita.  How does it fare?  Let’s have a look!

Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (PS Vita)

Turn back the clock for a slightly younger Batman in Arkham Origins Blackgate.  How does he fare?  Let’s have a look!

Review: Motocross Madness XBLA

Microsoft puts on an arm length rubber glove, reaches deep into their archive of franchises and pulls out a forgotten favorite.  What could they do with it?  Let’s have a look.

Deadlight(XBLA) Review

To describe a game as a sidescrolling survival horror cinematic platformer would seem like overkill. However that is exactly what Tequila Works’ first XBLA title, Deadlight, is. The game allows you to control Randall Wayne in two(and a half) dimensional space as he makes his way through a world ravaged … Continue Reading →

Dual 2nd Level Review: Zombie Driver HD

Name: Zombie Driver HD Genre: Action & Adventure, Racing & Flying, Shooter Developer: EXOR Studios Publisher: Cyberfront Corporation Reviewers: BigRob and Aaron Vehicular combat games have been around for quite some time. Developers have excelled at giving gamers the ability to maneuver a wide variety of vehicles in games entirely … Continue Reading →

Review: Double Dragon Neon

Double Dragon Neon is an odd combination of things.  It is as much a love letter to an 80’s childhood as it is a re-imagining of the Double Dragon franchise.  Not the least of which is a wild obsession with audio cassettes.  More on that a little later.

Backlog Review: Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game (360)

Ever wanted to be Michael Cera?  Well too bad, you still can’t!

2nd Level Review: Super Mario 3D Land

If you have ever liked a Mario Bros. game and/or fun in general, feel free to enjoy both of them from anywhere. Ups It’s a 3D-esque Mario game that plays and sounds incredible. It’s Mario! Downs Camera can be an issue from time to time. Has anyone seen the Koopa … Continue Reading →

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Review

Now with more Mustache! I loved the original Bionic Commando for the NES. It was the first game that I played, beat, and played again. When I heard that the game I loved as a teen was getting a new coat of paint, I had to give it a shot. … Continue Reading →

Backlog Review: Dead to Rights Retribution (Xbox 360)

Meet Jack Slate, the most hypocritical cop you’re likely to see in a video game.

Breach Review

Genre: class/team based FPS(up to 16, online only) Developer: Atomic Games Platforms: PC and Xbox 360(XBLA) Release Date: Jan 26, 2011 Price: 1200 Allards/$20 on PC Breach is a class and team-based FPS(first person shooter) developed by Atomic Games, utilizing the Hydrogen engine. Breach made gaming blog/site headlines last year … Continue Reading →

Raskulls Review

When just one genre won’t feed your gaming appetite. What would happen if you took a side-scroller like Sonic, added racing like Wipeout, toss in random power ups from Mario Kart, build in block clearing action from Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, paid homage to Mr. Driller and then wrapped … Continue Reading →

Buried Treasure Review: Metro 2033 (Xbox 360)

    Have you ever wanted to play a video game that was based on the scenes from the future in the first Terminator?  Now’s your chance.  Only switch out Terminators with mutants (and future Nazis), Americans with Russians, and time travel with the paranormal.  Is it good?  Let’s find … Continue Reading →

ilomilo Review

Ilomilo (XBLA) Developer: SouthEnd Interactive Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Released: January 5, 2011 Price: 800 Allards ilomilo has cuteness and charm in spades. However its high levels of cuteness are not in vain as it’s a quite an enjoyable puzzle game. ilomilo has around 49 levels where the objective is … Continue Reading →

X-men Arcade Game Review

Developer: Konami/Backbone Ent. Publisher: Konami Platforms: XBLA/PSN Price: $10/800 Allards 1992 brought about some memorable releases and events: L.A. riots, Windows 3.1, nicotine patches, Wayne’s World, Basic Instinct, Bill Clinton’s presidency and many more. Despite my diligent research of notable events in 1992 none of them included the release of … Continue Reading →

Pinball FX 2/Marvel Tables Review

Pinball FX was released for XBLA in April 2007.  The game was very well received. But Zen Studios not wanted to rest on their laurels took it upon themselves to create not only a sequel the the original game but a platform as well. Pinball FX 2 not only updates … Continue Reading →

Review: The UnderGarden

The Undergarden is a simple game where you control a blue cherub of benevolence who bumps into glowing green pustules which emit magic dust you must use to pollinate bioluminecent plants that change color if you’re carrying an instrument-playing monkey. Got it? Not quite? It’s not apparent whether the developers did, either. This game asks the player to let go of their rigid expectation of an interactive experience, just chill out, and go with the flow. It doesn’t ask much of the player, and neither does it provide much in return. Continue Reading →

Review: Faery: Legends of Avalon, A Gateway Game to RPGs

A hero awakes to find they have been roused from their slumber by an omnipotent elder to save the realm from an unknown but evil entity. While the hero is weak now, in their travels, they will become stronger with others that will assist the hero on such a noble … Continue Reading →

Review: Dead Rising 2

Let me start of by saying that I was a big fan of Dead Rising.  The prospect of being able to kill thousands of zombies with almost anything in the game outweighed any annoyances the game came with.  So naturally I’ve had Dead Rising 2 on my radar for quite … Continue Reading →

Review: Sonic 4 Episode I

Over the past couple of weeks I have attempted to play Sonic 4 to completion. I fully understand that Sonic 4 is a game and that there are objectives and obstacles. These obstacles almost proved to be too frustrating for me to continue to play the game. I am no … Continue Reading →